The 5 Best Beach Tents of 2024


Best Beach Tents

 Many of us take a break in the summer months to spend time with family in the outdoors. Beaches are a favorite hot spot for many people who wish to spend their holiday under the sun in the cool waters.

Though the waters and the relaxed swim help in rejuvenating the body and mind, spending time under the sun and its heat waves could be tiring. To avoid getting dehydrated, tires and even sunburnt while holidaying on the beach, people have to take advantage of beach tents.

Being able to take a break from the sun and escape into the beach tent is not just comfortable, but is safe as well. Taking advantage of the beach tent will not only help in getting the most out of simmer but also spend a long time at the beach.

We have listed the top 5 beach tents here along with their buying guide to help our readers make the best out of their choice of beach tents.


The Best Beach Tents

Quick Answer: Top 5 Best Beach Tents – [2024]

  1. Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent
  2. Coleman Beach Shade
  3. Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Beach Tent
  4. Easthills Outdoors Instant Easy Up Sun Shelter Beach Tent
  5. Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent

Best Beach Tents Reviews

#1. Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent


Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 95 x 51 x 52 inches
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Material: Breathable polyester
  • The special design hub system
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Folds down to a travel size
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • 3-large windows for ventilation

The Pacific Breeze easy setup beach tent features a special hub system that features an industry-leading design. The tent allows for easy and fast set up and is lightweight and compact. This beach tent weight just about 6 pounds and folds down to compact travel size.

The beach tent offers exceptional protection from the sun, wind, and rain for excellent outdoor activities. This beach tent offers three large windows for ventilation. The tent is of breathable polyester and water repellent material.

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

The beach tent offers spacious interiors that fit 3-4 people comfortably. The beach tents have internal pockets to store personal items and also hooks for hanging. It is of lightweight and durable fiberglass frame and a water-resistant PE floor that makes the tent an exceptional outdoor accessory.

The Shipping includes a carrying case and five sand pockets for additional stability in windy conditions. The product is also backed up with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

#2. Coleman Beach Shade


Coleman Beach Shade At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 7 x 6.6 x 6.6 inches
  • Weight: 6.17 pounds
  • Portable pop-up beach tent
  • 50+ UPF sun protection
  • Extended front floor zips for privacy
  • Integrated storage pockets
  • Dryline to hang wet clothes
  • Easy set up in 5 minutes

This is a portable pop-up beach tent with UPF 50+ sun protection. The tent features an extending front floor zip for additional privacy. The back window of the tent unzips for additional ventilation. It features many storage pockets and a dry line to hang the wet clothes. The tent has the best dimensions and is easy to set up in 5 minutes with its ground stakes and guy lines.

At the beach, the tent protects yourself from dangerous UV rays from the sun. The tent is of UPF 50+ sun guard material. It helps to keep the bugs from ruining the day and the family can stay comfortably under the canopy with screen walls.

The water-resistant canopy handles a sudden downpour and is thoroughly water-resistant as well. Its durable bodyguard material is the best to last season after season and renders the best value for money.

#3. Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Beach Tent


Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Beach Tent At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 54 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Side panels for additional coverage
  • Wind flaps for ventilation
  • Steel ribs and stretcher for additional support
  • Rugged canopy made of polyester material
  • Dual canopy with top wind vents
  • Strong and side zippered windows for efficient airflow.

This is one of the best umbrella tents in the market to help users sit and enjoy nature in its own environment. The tent features an innovative design and protects the users from elements without restricting the view.

The umbrella is sun safe and has a UPF 50+ coating to protect the family from harmful rays of the sun. It never fails to give instant and portable protection for the family against elements, irrespective of the activity. The unit comes with a carrying bag for convenience and ground stakes for additional stability.

Sport-Brella Canopy Umbrella

The sport Brella offers complete protection and includes side flaps that can fold down to protect the user from sideways rain and gusts of wind. It helps to keep the user cool of sunny days and offer top wind vents and side zippered windows for optimal cross ventilation. It set up within three seconds and opens up into a 7-inch wide roofing to fit the family and the entire team.

#4. Easthills Outdoors Instant Easy Up Sun Shelter Beach Tent 


Easthills Outdoors Instant Easy Up Sun Shelter Beach Tent At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 47 x 82 x 50 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Easy setup mechanism and instant shade
  • Easy to carry and fit inside the car’s trunk
  • Constructed of water-resistant and ultra-weight material
  • Material: polyester coating
  • Blocks sun rays with UPF 50+ protection
  • Three sides mesh pockets to save personal items
  • Extending groundsheet
  • One-year warranty

This beach tent offers instant shade with its easy to set up mechanism and its step-up step instruction is also sewn inside its carry bag. This instruction helps the user to put up and take down the tent instantly. The tent weighs only 5 pounds and its easy dimensions help in carrying and transporting the tent easily.

The tent is of ultra-light and water-resistant polyester material with UPF 50+ protection. It blocks up to 7.5% of harmful UV rays offering all-day protection for the family against the elements.

Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader

The tent features a durable Polyester floor and a front porch to accommodate adults, children, and pets. It also protects the user from damp clips and ground. Its three-sided mesh windows help inefficient ventilation and its four internal mesh pockets help to store personal items.

For additional privacy, its extending groundsheet can come to use as a front door and can close from both the inside and outsides. The shipment includes one beach tent, carry bag, plastic skates, and shoulder strap and one-year warranty.

#5. Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent


Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 39 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Material: nylon
  • Set up in two seconds
  • Easy to use as an umbrella
  • Durable tent with 50+ sun protection
  • Durable and lightweight fiberglass frame
  • Waterproof PE floor to suit all outdoor activities
  • Tent and floor material are of fire retardant standard material

This instant beach tent is of Nylon material and set up in two seconds. This instant sun shelter is pretty simple to use, just like opening and closing an umbrella. It is of Durable 50+ protective coating nylon material that blocks the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The tent features a durable UV protected coating Nylon material so as to block the harmful UV rays of the sun. the tent features a two-side fine mesh screen that blocks the sand from wild winds. There is a large mesh back window with cover for additional ventilation.

Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent

The tent features three build in sand pockets and four sand stakes to keep the bottom of the tent stable in the ground against the strong winds. The tent is of a durable and lightweight fiberglass frame with an instant push up design.

Its waterproof Polyethylene floor makes the beach tent ideal for all the outdoor activities. The tent and floor material are of fire retardant material and its weight is just 4.5 pounds. The beach tent shelter is large enough to accommodate adults and children and is ideal for all the families.

Points To Consider Before Choosing The Best Beach Tent

Beach Shade

The love for the beach and the wild waters tend to change when we have kids around, considering their safety. But having a beach tent for the family picnic removes the hassles and enables the family to enjoy the hot months to the fullest extent. A portable beach tent helps to enhance the outdoor fun and protects the family from harsh elements. But there are a few important points to consider before choosing to buy the best tent.

  • Material
  • Size of the tent
  • Ease of use
  • Safety spot for valuables
  • Type of beach tents
  • FAQ’s for Beach tents
  • Buyer’s tips for best Beach Tents
  • Advantages of Beach Tents
  • Final words


The two common materials for the beach tent outer shell is Nylon and Polyester. Both these fabrics are excellent in promoting shade and are also long-lasting and water-resistant. Some tents have openings that can be closed when the wind blows up to protect against the strong winds and from insects. The frame of the tens will be of steel or aluminum construction so that they are both strong and lightweight.


Size of The Tent:

The size of the tent depends on the number of people in the family or friends group. Most of the tents are good enough to hold a family of two adults and two kids. Apart from sitting space, there should be some additional space for the kids to play and explore. Some tents are large enough to hold a table and a few beach chairs as well. It is important to choose a tent that fits the holidaying group appropriately.


Ease of Use:

The tent that you narrow down should be easy to use, especially with kids in the holiday group. The tent should be easy to transport to and from the beach. It should be compact and lightweight so as to be easy to move around. The tent should also be easy to set up and fold back quickly.


Safety Spot for Valuables:

Choose a tent that has few spots to keep valuable handy. Most of the beach tents come with pockets that are good enough to hold the phone, waterproof cameras, keys, etc. while the bottles, food, and clothes can be stored within the tent. The secret pockets in the tent also help to store dry clothes so as to prevent them from getting contaminated from saltwater and sand.


Type of Beach Tents:

There are different types of beach tents just like camping for tents.

  • The beach tents will have a strong solid material that behaves as a barrier between the ground and the gear. It also protects the person from the hot sand and the sun. Most of the tents will have three sides and offer shade and protection from rain and wind.
  • The beach canopy features a hybrid style covering and are pretty easy to set up with their pop style installation. These are durable, compact and lightweight and are thus most ideal for beach use. These canopies are anchored using sand pockets that contributes to the lightweight design and their ease of use.
  • The gazebo is one of the robust beach tents and is made of heavy materials. They are extremely stable even at strong winds but are little heavy.

The FAQ for Beach Tents:

What is the best beach tent for kids?

Hitting the beach with kids demands lots of planning, preparation, and additional gear. The sensitive skin of babies is more susceptible to the harmful UV rays of the sun and can burn easily.

It is good to buy a bigger tent to give kids enough room to play under the shade. A beach canopy with tolerance to wind, waterproofing capabilities, and enough UV coverage is ideal for beach holidays with kids.


How to anchor a beach tent?

Most of the beach tents come with stakes that secure them to the ground. There are pockets near the bottom of the canopy and in the beach, the user can add some sand into these pockets to add weight and anchor it firmly.

While tenting on a rocky shore, ensure to fill these pockets with stones for adding more weight. Some of the tents have stakes to put into the ground. While on a sandy beach dig a small hole and anchor the stake in wet sand so that it creates a better anchor effect.


What is the cost of beach tents?

The price of beach tents can vary significantly and is largely dependent on the size of the tent, its materials, and the manufacturer. The price of a standard tent ranges from $150 to $450.


How to refold and pack the beach tent?

Take note of how the company folded the tent while removing it from the shipping package. Most tents have bending frames that make refolding easy. The other will have the fabric separated from the frame so that they are able to get refolded. How its manufactures did the folding will give an idea about how it should repack into its package.


Buyer’s Tips for Choosing The Best Beach Tents:

Outdoors Instant Shader

When you are looking to buy a beach tent, it is important to pay attention to some of its features. Knowing what to look for in the tent before making the purchase will ensure that the buyer ends up with the best product.

  • Dimensions of the tent
  • Weight
  • Price

Dimensions of The Tent:

Sun shelters are available in different sizes and shapes. The size of the tent depends on the size of the family. Some of the modern tents have more open space to accommodate more people. The height of the tent is also a factor to consider and the tent should be high enough to sit on the floor without having to bend the head down.



The weight of the tent is of tremendous importance, as a general rule, the tent has to be compact and lightweight. The tenting gear should be easy to set up and repack as well. Choose a tent that folds back into a compact package and a one with should strap to carry them as a backpack.



The budget of the beach tent plays a major role in influencing its buying decision. Knowing how much to spend on the purchase in very important as it helps the user to limit their options and make them feel happy with their choice.


Advantages of Beach Tents in The Outdoors:

There are many advantages of beach tents during a summer holiday on the coasts. These advantages are,

  • They serve as a safe home for valuables to protect them from the view of wanderers. They add a layer of privacy for the gear and valuables as well.
  • The tent protects the family from elements such as sun, wind and salty water. Having a shelter will make the family happy and help the kids to have fun.
  • Offers privacy to some extent for the family, to take a nap, to unwind and to change clothes.
  • It behaves as an exceptional place to store food. Coolers can be placed in a tent to keep food fresh. The tents also protect the food baskets from the sand.
  • Beach tents have endless benefits for small kids. Apart from protecting them from the harsh sun, it also protects them from the hot sand. Tents will give the little ones a safe place to nap, to enjoy food and to take a break from the sun.
  • Beach tents are easy to assemble and will unfold from the package within seconds. It will take less than ten minutes to set up the tent and refold it back into its package.

Final Words:

Most of the beach tents render an exceptional job of protecting people from the sun. They are easy to set up, are stable in the wind and offer a number of privacy and comfort features. We hope our top 5 picks of beach tents and our buying guide will help you in choosing the best beach tents for your family.


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