Top 6 Best Canoe Paddles of 2024


Best Canoe Paddles

Canoes are a must for all water freaks who would love to have some adventure time either solo or in company with the magnificent waters.  Choosing the paddle for the canoe is important as this accessory decides the quantum of the water trip.

Paddles are designed for defined uses such as tripping in the wilderness water, paddling in the white waters and rivers, water racing with friends, freestyle paddling and also solo paddling. There are paddles designed specifically for kids as well.

Paddles are important accessories that help in rowing the water to move forward in the canoe. It is of utmost importance at all times, except during fishing and when relaxing in the idle waters.

Choosing the best fit paddle at the right size and angle is important so as to ease the pain off he muscles and joints during long-distance water trips.  Paddles help in making quick twists and turn in the water, to manage its wilderness.

They show the direction in lazy rivers and lakes. Paddles are of utmost importance and so is the need to choose the best one. Some cruisers prefer to keep an extra pair of paddles as well for emergencies.

There are paddles to suit everyone’s desires for a perfect water tripping. We have selected some of the best selling canoe paddles to suit your canoeing needs and have briefed their specifications to help you choose the best fit one.


Best Canoe Paddles

Quick Answer: Top 6 Best Canoe Paddles – [2024]

  1. Bending Branches BB Special Canoe Paddle
  2. ZJ Sport Carbon Fibber Dragon Boat Paddle
  3. Carlisle Beavertail Wooden Canoe Paddle
  4. Sun Dolphin Canoe Paddles
  5. attwood Wood Canoe Paddle
  6. ZJ SPORT Tahiti Type Canoe Paddle

Best Canoe Paddles Reviews

#1. Bending Branches BB Special Canoe Paddle

Bending Branches BB Special Canoe Paddle

Features At a Glance:
  • Rockgard tip
  • Bending Branches
  • 11 degree bending angle
  • Flat water cruising
  • Palm grip
  • Stiff and durable
  • 7 laminates hardwood
The Bending Branches special Canoe Paddle is one of the best and the most efficient set of paddles for Canoes. The paddle is manufactured in the factories of Osceola, United States.  Its Bending branches helps in efficient paddling in flat water.

Even Novice cruisers can easily use this world-class canoe paddle. The Rock gard tip of the paddle is extremely shock absorbing and is ideal for long hours of paddling.  The paddle lasts at least six times longer than its counterparts.

The paddle is a perfect combination of durability and efficiency with style.  It does not bother the hands even with long hours of paddling, thanks to its light-weightedness. The 11-degree bend of the paddle angle helps in easy cruising at the flat waters.

The handle offers tremendous grip and the classic palm grips are warm on hands while cruising in cold waters. seven laminates of light and hardwood like red alder, basswood, and maple make up the blade of the paddle.

Canoe Paddle

#2. ZJ Sport Carbon Fibber Dragon Boat Paddle

ZJ Sport IDBF Approved Carbon Fiber Dragon Boat Paddle

Features At a Glance:
  • Paddle weight: 360 grams
  • Oval shaft and Ergonomic handle
  • IDBF approved
  • Lightweight
  • Carbon prepreg handle
The ZJ Sports carbon Fibber Dragon paddle for boats is extremely lightweight at only 12.7 ounce, which approximates to 360 grams. The paddle features an oval shaft, first of its kind in the history of boat paddles. The shaft material is prepreg carbon, perhaps the reason for its endurance and strength.

The ergonomically designed T shaped handle of the shaft helps in better grip and stability for water paddling. IDBF approves the quality of the shaft and comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

ZJ Sport IDBF Approved Carbon Fiber Dragon Boat Paddle 2

The dragon boat paddle has been manufactured under the Layup molding techniques. The insides of the blade are of PMI foam core which is more stable than PVC foam. The CNC machine press offers the characteristic oval shape for the paddles.

The shaft of the paddle has two distinct shapes; it is oval at its bottom end and is round at its top end.  People who purchase this paddle also get a grey bag free to store the paddle securely and the offer is valid through April 2019.

Canoe Paddle

#3. Carlisle Beavertail Wooden Canoe Paddle 

Carlisle Beavertail Wooden Canoe Paddle

Features At a Glance:
  • Weight: 23 ounce
  • Shaft material: Basswood
  • Blade material: Basswood with urethane tip
  • Tail blade: 8”
  • lightweight
This is one of the best canoe paddles that help in long hours of paddling and cruising in the lazy waters. Basswood is durable and offers toughness and durability for the paddle. The Basswood paddle features urethane tip at one of its end and a highly contoured grip at its other end.

Carlisle Beavertail Wooden Canoe Paddle 2

The dimension of the tail blade is eight inches, its smooth contouring helps in effortless paddling in the waters. The blade is available in four different dimensions, 54, 57, 60 and 63 inches.

The weight of the unit is approximately 23 ounces, which is extremely lightweight to paddle for long hours without harming the hands. The blade is extremely thin and travels across water smoothly, especially during recoveries underwater. Its basic epoxy tip guard helps in clean-catch even at rough waters.

Canoe Paddle

#4. Sun Dolphin Canoe Paddles

Sun Dolphin Canoe Paddles

Features At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 3 x 15 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Aluminum shaft with T handle
  • Durable construction
  • Extremely affordable
  • lightweight
The Sun Dolphin Canoe Paddle is durable, lightweight and aluminum made. Its T-handle renders superior grip over the paddle for long distance water cruising. The paddles come as a set of two and weight approximately one pound each.

The price of the paddle is economical and is affordable by all. The paddle length is about 54 Inches, which is comfortable to hold and paddle. The shaft is long and the blade of the paddle to curved to help efficient rowing.

The lower half of the paddle features a drip ring to prevent water from entering the canoe. It is possible to split the paddle into a half when needed, thus handling and transportation becomes easy.  One disadvantage is that the joint is present on the lower end of the paddle where the cruiser holds it.

Water can fill in the lower half of the paddle and slosh around the lower half of the water can get water and slosh around. Lightweight and cost-effectiveness make this a paddle of choice. They are the best paddles for recreational and occasional paddlers.

Canoe Paddle

#5. attwood Wood Canoe Paddle

attwood Wood Canoe Paddle

Features At a Glance:
  • Weight: one pound
  • Compact size
  • economical
  • Easy to store
  • Ideal for emergency use
  • Best for river tubing
  • Palm grip and varnish finish
The Attwood wood canoe paddle is extremely affordable, lightweight and is the best fit for novice paddlers. Attwood paddle is easy to handle by children too as it weighs less than one pound. Its miniature size helps in easy storing in a small storage space.

Most people use them as an alternate paddle set for their regular ones so that they can retrieve them during emergencies. They are easy to store in the canoe owing to their small size and weight. The palm grip on the shaft of the paddle offers excellent grip even after long hours of paddling.

attwood Wood Canoe Paddle 2

Curving at the ends of the blades helps in efficient rowing in the water. The Attwood canoe paddle looks awesome with its varnish finish and compact look. Apart from using them in the water, many people improvise them for interior décor. Ocean themes, sailor costumes, and voyage themes get perfect completion with this accessory.

Canoe Paddle

#6. ZJ SPORT Tahiti Type Canoe Paddle

ZJ Sport Tahiti Type Lightweight Full Carbon Fiber

Features At a Glance:
  • T-grip
  • Weight: 15.9 ounces or 450 grams
  • Three blade sizes
  • Blade material: carbon fiber
  • Oval shaft with T handle
This is one of the best Canoe paddles for water sports freaks and is a perfect combination of strength and durability. It is extremely lightweight and is thus easy to carry and use.  Extra carbon filament strengthens the neck zone and the edge of the paddle blade.

The Blade is available in three sizes namely small, medium and large. The small has a blade length of 9.1 inches, medium 9.4 inches and large has a length of 9.7 inches. The weight of the paddle is approximately 450 grams.

The angular variation between the blade and the shaft of the paddle is about 11 degrees. This angular variation helps in efficient rowing in all types of waters.

ZJ Sport Tahiti Type Lightweight Full Carbon Fiber 2

Three types of material, namely PMI foal, Epoxy Resin, and carbon fiber make up the paddle. Carbon Prepreg reinforces the oval shaft with the T-angle. The CNC machine shapes the carbon blades and incorporates one step forming technique for laying them.

The paddle features a natural wood finish and did not undergo any clear coating finish or paint spraying process during its production process.

Canoe Paddle

Guide For Buying Best Canoe Paddle

Canoe Paddle 2

There are certain important aspects to consider before investing in a canoe paddle so as to enjoy an exceptional touring experience. Those points of consideration are discussed here,

  • Length of The Paddle
  • Size and Shape of The Blade
  • Paddle Materials
  • Straight and Bent Shafts

1. Length of The Paddle:

The length of the paddle refers to the combined length of the blade and the shaft. The blade is the water part of the paddle and the shaft where the person holds it. The part of the paddle where the shaft meets the blade is termed as the throat. To identify the right type of paddle, the following trick can be used.

Sit with a straight back on a chair, hold the paddle vertically such that the grip touches the seat between the legs and the blade is in the air. The eyes should be at the level of the throat. Then that paddle is ideal for your water time.

A long paddle is ideal for rough water cruising as it helps in quick maneuvers. Short paddles help to steer well and are best for canoeing in the Whitewater and rocky beaches.


2. Size and Shape of The Blade:

Rowing a bigger blade demands more arm power, but there is tremendous propulsion with each stroke. Paddles with wide blades help in fast and forceful strokes, even the blades seem to touch the waters barely.

They are good in gentle lakes and rivers as well as there is no need to take frequent turns.  Paddling at a higher speed and at a higher stroke rate with less effort is possible with this type.  Pain on the shoulders and wrist is reduced for long distance canoeing and for paddling boats with heavy gear.

Long and narrow blades offer tremendous overall control and paddling leverage. They are ideal for rough water cruising and at waters where quick turns are desired. They are tough on joints and are tiring when used for extended time periods.


3. Paddle Materials:

The functionality and comfort of the paddle depending on the materials it is made of. Wood paddles are classic, no synthetic material can match its warmth, flexibility, and liveliness. But they are slightly heavier than composite paddles made of fiber.

They require little maintenance frequently with varnish on the damaged areas. Laminated wood paddles are strips of wood that are glued with each other. They are a mix of light and heavy woods or can be hollow too, and thus weigh less. They do lack shock absorption and flexibility features but are strong and versatile to be used in water racing and touring.

Paddles made of fiberglass are affordable and perform on par with wood paddles. they are lightweight, flexible and are easy on the joints and muscles. Composites such as carbon fiber, graphite, foam, and Kevlar are generally used. They are a little costly and find extensive use in water racing.

Plastic composites such as polyethylene, urethane, nylon, and ABS are also been used to make flexible and durable paddles at an affordable cost. They are indestructible and have fewer maintenance issues. Aluminum is used to make shafts of the paddles with some insulation.


4. Straight and Bent Shafts:

Some of the paddles have straight shafts whereas some have bent shafts. All those recreational canoers cruising in predictable waters prefer to use bent shafts. The angular bent helps in efficient water strokes with great propulsion throughout the trip. Steering can be a little difficult with bent shafts and thus are not meant for whitewater kayaking.


Types of Canoe Paddles

There are different types of canoe paddles available in the market for water trekkers, a little caution of choosing the right type of Canoe paddle helps in a memorable water trip. Some important points to consider before leveraging on the types of paddles are,

  • Wood shafts with lamination are stiff and strong in contrast with solid wood
  • Fiberglass made blades do not split up when they encounter sharp rocks and other hard objects in the water.
  • More the smoothness of the paddle finish, greater is the comfort.
  • Paddle blades coated with high-grade resin can withstand constant water abuse and rough treatment by wild waves.
  • Spar varnish coating protects the paddles kept in the sun for a long time period.

Touring Paddles:

Touring paddles feature durable and lightweight hardwood finish. The paddles and the blades are versatile and are ideal for professional kayakers and other indulged in serious water sports. They are ideal for cruising on calm lakes and rivers and also on rough waters.

Resin coats and fiberglass wrappings on the paddles empower them for all wild water trips.  Touring paddles feature either bent or straight shaft. For novice cruisers, paddles of carbon black material are ideal for their lightweight performance.


Performance Touring Canoes Paddles:

Performance paddles generally consist of interlocking grains of many hardwoods. This is perhaps the reason for their ergonomic style. Canoe specialist with a desire for power and comfort prefer these paddles.

It is possible to go on a day trip or week-long trip with these paddles.  The blades of the paddle are coated with resin for their added endurance and durability. The paddles feature both bend and straight shafts.


Recreational Paddles:

Recreational paddles are ideal for family trips and adventures with friends. They help with shore exploring and fishing. These paddles have a straight shaft made of basswood. Antique Beavertail paddle where a piece of wood attached with a round blade is the best for recreational paddles.

They pull smooth through the water with sweep strokes. For cruising with children paddles with T-grips are easier to pull.


Expedition Paddles:

These paddles could withstand rough waves in wild waters and are also useful for whitewater cruising.  The paddle blades are completely coated with urethane resin for protection and fiberglass wrap for durability. These paddles are available with bent and straight shafts with palm grips for additional comfort.


Solo Paddles:

These paddles help the cruiser to explore the water all on their own. These paddles hold a single shaft with two blades. The dual blades help in minimizing corrective strokes. This helps to withstand heavy winds and to keep up with fast kayaks



Canoeing is fun irrespective of the type of water and the season. Paddles help in easing the water sport and take the pain off the joints and muscles with their maneuverability. They are available in different lengths and blade shapes to yield to the needs of different paddlers.

It is a good practice to take a spare paddle on all canoeing trips to avoid unforeseen circumstances. We hope our guide helps you in choosing the best paddles for your water trips and some manufacturers offer early bird offers as well for a most economical bet.

Hurry up! pack your paddles and canoes for a fulfilling water activity this season.


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