Top 6 Best Hydration Packs of 2023


Best Hydration Packs

For all those adventurous freaks who spend a majority of their time in the wild, hydration is a major issue. Their activity demands a lot of fluid intakes which is not always possible in hiking or biking trips. Hydration packs help in carrying more quantity of water compared with traditional bottles.

The hydration packs also render enough space for other biking essentials such as extra clothing, spare tubes, tools, first aid essentials and also food. Hydration packs are not just useful in carrying and transporting water, but to make drinking efficient and convenient on the go.

The biker is able to drink water when he is actually driving down the terrain, and there is absolutely no necessity to stop or even slow down for a sip. The biker simply grabs the tube connected with the water reservoir or the bladder and bites it for a quick sip.

They are available in a number of sleek and comfortable designs so as to fit comfortably on any torso shape. When shopping for these hydration packs it is important to choose the type of pack that intends for the desired use.

Its capacity should be good enough and match the number of activity hours. The straps and fit are to be perfect so as to not bounce during rides. We have listed some of the Best Hydration Packs here along with their specifications. Read through to learn on other tips on bladder maintenance and how to choose the best hydration pack.


Top 6 Best Hydration Packs – [2023]

  1. Osprey Packs Escapist 32 Daypack
  2. CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack
  3. TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Pack
  4. Platypus Siouxon Women’s Hydration Pack
  5. Nathan Hpl Hydaration Running Backpack
  6. Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack Backpack

Best Hydration Packs

Best Hydration Packs Reviews

#1. Osprey Packs Escapist 32 Daypack


  • Product weight: 2 pounds
  • Airscape back panel
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Sleeping bag compartment
  • Lid lock helmet attachment
  • Blinker lights
  • Scratch free pocket

The Osprey Escapist pack is the best companion for bikers who surf the rough terrains. It is of imported nylon material with durability guaranty. The external hydration sleeve in the pack keeps drinks within reach and simplified refilling. Spills are rare when drinks are kept in this external hydration sleeve. It is possible to adjust the length of the bag according to the torso of the user.

An integrated rain cover helps to safeguard the gear from rain and is kept safe in an external pocket at the base of the pack. The attachment for blinker light provides for adequate light even in the dark. Rear of the pack has its helmet attachment system to secure the gear when not in us.


The ergonomic design of the bag helps in keeping the load balanced especially when descending down rough terrains. The back panel is of airscape mesh for ventilation.  A divider at the base of the pack helps with storage segregations.

There are three stretch mesh pockets one on either sides of the pack and one on the front. Even the hip belt has two pockets for snacks and the shoulder strap has a phone sized pocket for securing gadgets. The front pouch is to store valuables and to protect glasses from scratches.

Hydration Packs

#2. CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack


  • Dimensions: 5 x 11 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 15 ounces
  • Easy access water tube
  • 100% Nylon
  • Elastic side panels
  • Pockets to store valuables
  • shrinks when not in use

The CamelBak Rogue hydration pack is of 100% breathable nylon material that can adapt to even hot climates. It renders all the convenience of an external fills, all included in a sleek bike pack.

The Hydration refill pack has two pockets at its exteriors for securing small items such as keys, wallet, keys and snacks. The elastic side panels can expand to store a lot of additional gear including first aid kit at ease. The pack can shrink to half its size when empty by releasing the compression straps.

Camelbak-2016-Rogue-Hydration-70-OunceThe reflective back strap features blinker lights so as to ride safety in early mornings and late evenings. It is lightweight but stores plenty of water along with a provision to store fuel and other essentials. The tube for water access is at a comfortable position so as to reach at ease while biking, hiking or running.

Hydration Packs

#3. TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Pack


  • Dimensions: 5 x 12 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Capacity: 18 liters
  • Free hydration bladder
  • Foam stabilizer and mesh coverings.
  • Bungee cord system for helmets

The Teton Sports oasis Hydration pack is comfortable, lightweight and is the best companion for hydration needs. The overall capacity of the pack is 1100 cubic inches which approximates to 18 liters. The pack of free from BPA and features a 2 liter hydration bladder. There is a large opening for 5 cm for cleaning and for pouring ice in the water pack. Its sip tube and push lock bite valve helps in easy and kink free water dispensing.


This hiking backpack is ideal for men and women and adjusts with different torsos comfortably. The pack is made of high breathing material with foam stabilizer. Its mesh coverings are the back ensures long hours of use without discomfort. There is a large pocket at eh front to protect clothes, valuable gear and even clothes.

The bungee cord system secures climbing and cycling helmets at ease. It is possible to adjust the shoulder, waist and chest straps for the best fit. There is also a one year warranty against faulty parts and workmanship from Teton.

Hydration Packs

#4. Platypus Siouxon Women’s Hydration Pack


  • Measurements: 5 x 9 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 1.69 pounds
  • Women’s fit design
  • Float air back panel
  • 3 liter reservoir
  • Smart hydration pocket
  • Separate sleeves for gear segregation.

The Platypus Siouxon hydration pack is exclusively for women and features optimal fit with all comfort features. The pack has adequate padding at all contact points and has an anatomical shape as that of a female.

There are straps at the waist, shoulders and along the sternum for prompt adjustment. High breathing mesh panel laid over a lightweight wire frame offers the feel of the pack just floating over the back while allowing cool airflow simultaneously.

Platypus-Womens-Siouxon-Hydration 2

The reservoir of the pack is of 3 liters capacity and features a wide mouth opening for refilling and cleaning along with options for multiple hose routing. Its other integrities are secure locks, low profile shape and a quick disconnect hose. The suspension hooks, holds the reservoir in its place securely during rides.

There are a number of storage compartments with the pack, the front stash pocket has adjustable straps, can accommodate a full face helmet and protective pads. The main compartment of the pack has a zip pocket to retain keys, store tools and repair kids and have snacks handy for a long trip.

Hydration Packs

#5. Nathan Hpl Hydaration Running Backpack


  • Dimensions: 5 x 11 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 8.3 ounces
  • Bladder capacity: 2 liters
  • Material: 90% Nylon and 10% Polyester
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Bladder with slide seal technology
  • Multiple storage options

The Nathan Hydration pack is lightweight with perforations throughout its back panel for perfect ventilation throughout the outdoor trip. Its propulsion harness is its patented technology which helps in stabilizing the movement of the bladder in all the directions.

The capacity of the Bladder of this hydration pack is roughly about 2 liters or 70 ounces. The bladder features a unique slide seal closure at its top and can afford 3 hours of water during exercise sessions.

Nathan-HPL-VestThe shoulder straps and the vertical sternum strap adjust as per the type of the torso and is of lightweight and mesh framework. The back panel and the straps have adequate padding for comfort. There is a small zipper compartment at the back panel for storing essentials.

There are ample storage provisions to store multiple gears such as key, money, mobiles, clothes, additional bottles etc. The slide seal system of the hydration pack helps in easy cleaning and filling of water in the bladder of durable TPU construction.

Hydration Packs

#6. Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack Backpack


  • Measurements: 19 x 10 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Material: Heavy duty polyester with PVC lining
  • Bladder capacity: 2.5 liters
  • Sleek and compact design
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

The Unigear tactical hydration pack is a slim and sleek vest that solves hydration problems during long rides and hiking trips. It features an adjustable chest and shoulder strap and adapts to chest sizes from 27 inches to 50 inches. The chest straps ensure that the pack doesn’t bounce during movement.

The pack is of rugged heavy duty Polyester with PVC lining and is thus resistant to tears and abrasions. The hydration hose with the bite valve helps in hands free hydration as a gently bite on the valve opens the flow of water.


The overall capacity of this replaceable BPA bladder is 2.5 liters and it capable of keeping the water fairly cool even in hot climates. There is a wide screw cap on the top of the bladder to add ice for getting the water cooler. The best part of this hydration pack is its compact and sleek design that fits the torso so perfectly.

Its storage options include two front pockets for wallet, phone, keys, towel etc. The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 60 days from its manufacturers as well.

Hydration Packs

Hydration Packs Buying Guides

Hydration-Backpack 2

An excellent array of hydration packs is available in the market with extraordinary features with only minimal differentiations. But it is important to notice all the features, design elements and short falls in each pack so to purchase the best one. The most important characteristics that make the hydration pack the most deserving one are discussed here,

  • Size of The Bladder
  • Storage Options
  • Ventilation
  • Support and Padding
  • Cleaning The Hydration Pack Reservoir
  • Final Words


Size of The Bladder:

Most of the hydration packs range in bladder size from 1.5 liters to 3 liters. The outdoor environment demands more water intake that nobody can anticipate. The demands of the body are also great during exercising and indulging in outdoor activities. The size of the pack is to be chosen based on the water requirement calculated from the duration and type of outdoor activity.

There is a great requirement for water by some cyclist and hikers, but they can also not carry too much weight as it takes a toll on their ankles and knees. Mountain bikers tend to carry more water as they are out on their activity for an extended time duration.


Storage Options:

The demand for additional storage in the hydration pack depends on how much gear is to be stored. This additional space is useful in storing a lot of useful gear such as wallets, mobiles, keys, food, clothing, first aid kid etc. Cyclists and runners can do with minimal storage space, whereas day hikers and mountain bikers require additional storage space.



Ventilation is an important aspect and is a popular feature in packs that leads the market. Endurance athletes sweat a lot and having a pack that ventilates is a must for them. Mesh pockets for this ventilation is to be present in the shoulder region, waist areas and back of the pack. Open mesh pockets helps in better breathability, some packs also integrate mesh foam pads with air channels to facilitate better air exchange.

It is true that the average human body loses bout 500 to 800 ml of water only with sweat per day while indulging in cardiac sports like biking, hiking and running. Selecting a pack with good ventilation helps in decreasing water loss through perspiration considerably.


Support and Padding:

Hydration packs are useful in carrying water and other fluids while indulging in sports activities. Fluid turbulence is high during movement and thus the pack tends to bounce with movement. Choosing packs that stays intact and doesn’t bounce at the back is mandatory so as to have a comfortable ride.

Also, the straps for the hips and the shoulders should have adequate padding so as to not bother the shoulder muscles with extensive use. Padding on the hip straps helps in supporting the torso adequately.


Cleaning The Hydration Pack Reservoir

Constant contact with water can get the bladder to develop molds with time. The best way to care for the reservoir is to empty it frequently and dry it thoroughly. It is important to clean it with soap and water after each use, especially if it gets filled with fluids other than water. Some people have the habit of storing the bladder is the freezer to keep it intact between uses.

Reservoirs that are not taken care for a long time can develop molds in its interiors and the best way to clean them is to mix baking soda or bleach in hot water and cleanse them.

  1.  The solution is to be poured in the reservoir and left to sit for at least 30 minutes.
  2. The reservoir is then held 18 inches above ground level to allow the bleached water flow through the tube.
  3. There are also cleaning tabs specific to bladders available, to make the cleaning process easy and specific.
  4. After bleaching, the reservoir is to be cleaned with mild soap and hot water.
  5.  Brushes from the cleaning kit can help in scrubbing the tube and the reservoir.
  6. After scrubbing, the reservoir is to be left to dry in the air, to avoid moisture getting trapped inside. Moisture accumulation indeed leads to the growth of mold.

If there is too much mold accumulation, the bladder material will look stained, but it is still safe to use after cleansing. Some cleaning solutions that are effective in this process are listed here,

  • Cleaning tablets: There is no dosage indication for cleaning with tablets. Tablets that are available specifically for this cleansing process can be popped in, to remove deposits from the bladder.
  • Baking soda: baking soda helps in cleaning against molds and fights against odors as well. About 1/4th cup of baking soda is to be mixed with 3/4th cups of water for per liter capacity of the hydration pack.
  • Bleach: household bleach is effective against water borne bacteria and viruses. About two to five drops of unscented bleach should be used per liter of water. It is a good idea to combine baking soda and bleach together for a comprehensive cleaning.
  • Lemon: Lemon juice helps in killing microbes and also helps in neutralizing strong odors .1/4th cup of lemon juice can be used per liter capacity. Lemon can be mixed with bleach or baking soda for an effective cleaning.
  • Cleaning tablets for dentures: These tablets are used by some as an inexpensive alternate to cleaning tablets. These are to some extent effective in cleaning the reservoirs off the molds and odor.


Final Words

There could be no worse feeling than to realize that you are running out of water when you are busy in some activity outdoors. Having the right hydration pack ensures that there is plenty of water kept handy for all activity. The packs also help to re-fuel with water on the go, without necessitating having a large water bottle in the pack.

They not only save water, but also facilitate easy drinking of water through tubing secured with bite valve. Thus, with an ideal pack, access to water is easy and ready even while driving or walking. We hope our list of best hydration packs with help you in choosing your best water partner and keeps you ready for an adventure anytime anywhere.


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