The 6 Best Kayak Trailers of 2024


Best Kayak Trailers

Kayaking is a sport; it is a fun time adventure and a favorite group activity to spend quality time with friends. It has endless purposes to prove and is an exceptional outdoor activity for mental and physical well-being.

People prefer to go for kayak fishing and paddling with their acquaintances. All of us love to explore the magnificent waters all our loved ones. With group kayaking, there is ample scope for fun, safety, and tremendous fishing, but there is a problem with kayak transportation.

Roof racks on wagons can transport a single kayak but multiple kayaks require Trailers for their safe and on-time transportation.

Kayak manufacturers have made these devices with great stability but focus less on their portability. Trailers help in porting the boats with a simple hitch and electrical connection and do port pretty efficiently.

Let us discuss the best kayak trailers available for kayakers and the guide for buying and maintaining them.


The 6 Best Kayak Trailers – [2024]

  1. Best Kayak Trailers
  2. Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer for Kayaks
  3. Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer
  4. RIGHT-ON TRAILER Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer
  5. Ruff-Sport Trailer – Galvanized Finish for Kayak
  6. Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer

Best Kayak Trailers

Best Kayak Trailer Reviews

#1.  Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer

Malone Auto Racks MicroSport TrailerFeatures:

  • Dimensions: 164×78 inches
  • Transports up to 4 kayaks
  •   Made: Pre-Galvanized steel frame
  • Five years warranty
  • Steel coated cross rails
  • Assembles in 2-3 hours
  • Load capacity: 350 pounds

The Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer for Kayaks is capable of transporting up to 4 kayaks. It eliminates the hassle of lifting the boats up to the roof racks on top of the vehicles. The body of the trailer is made of pre-galvanized steel frame and thus it is sturdy and durable.

Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer 2The trailer is 164 inches long and 78 inches wide and thus is capable of transporting lengthy kayaks as well. It’s pro 2 kayak carriers have five years warranty. The heavy-duty extended tongues can haul boats up to 19 inches length.

The Trailer package is affordable and is a combination of reliability and quality. It can load canoes, bikes and cargo boxes apart from kayaks. Its galvanized finish ensures its non-rust properties.

Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer 3

The steel cross rails are 78 inches in length and its hitch has a thickness of 2 inches, they are able to fit most of the kayaks simply. The total load capacity of the trailer is about 350 pounds. It is possible to assemble the trailer in less than three hours.

Kayak Trailers

#2. Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer for Kayaks

Malone MicroSport Sports TrailerFeatures:

  • Weight: 197 pounds
  • Transports 4 kayaks
  • Load capacity: 800 pounds
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Cross rails of 60” aluminum frame
  • Galvanized slotted wheels and hubs
  • Easy assembling in 2-3 hours.

The Microsport kayaking trailer is one of the best trailers in the market and is a combination of affordability and durability. The wagon is stable in all types of terrains and is perfectly reliable to carry up to four kayaks in a single go.

Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer 2It has a load bearing capacity of 800 pounds. The trailer is good enough to hold other merchandise such as cargo boxes, bikes, and canoes apart from kayaks.

Its galvanized steel body is free from rusting and has a durable life. The cross bars are of 66 inches width and are good to hold all types of gear carriers. The trailer’s tongue can haul up to four boats each of length 19 inches.

Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer 3The galvanized wheels with acorn nuts are of a 12-inch diameter and roll pretty well in all types of terrains.  It is pretty simple to assemble the trailer with the user’s manual within 2-3 hours. All the mechanical, hub and electrical units are pre-fitted for easy inclination.

Kayak Trailers

#3. Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer

Yakima Rack and Roll TrailerFeatures:

  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 161.2 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 161.2 pounds
  • Crossbars: 78 inches
  • Locking levers with keys
  • Independent Suspension
  • Includes carrying handle
  • Load capacity: 300 pounds

This is one of the best kayak trailers and is a perfect combination of style and function. The cross bars are of 78 inches in length, perhaps the best in all trailers put together and are compatible with all of the accessories from Yakima.

Yakima Rack and Roll TrailerTo avoid theft of the wheels and tongue, the trailer has a locking levers system with keys in place. The Rack and roll trailer offers the highest standards of performance and has a load capacity of up to 300 pounds. It also eliminates the need for lifting the kayaks overhead to load on the roof racks.

The best feature of the trailer is its independent suspension system, which allows easy carrying of kayaks in all terrains. It features motorcycle style shock absorption along with dual spring progression system for easy carting.

Yakima Rack and Roll TrailerThe heavy duty springs and independent suspension system helps the trailer to run for long distances across rough terrains for a number of years without getting worn off. The carrying handle of the trailer helps in transforming it into a hand cart. It has multiple functionalities apart from carrying kayaks and can be used to load cargo boxes and bikes as well.

Kayak Trailers

#4. RIGHT-ON TRAILER Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer

RIGHT-ON TRAILER Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak TrailerFeatures:

  • Weight: 212 pounds
  • Two tier racks
  • 64” cross bars
  • Lightweight
  • Easy loading system
  • Fuel efficient

This is one of the best multi-sport and multi-rack kayak trailer with exceptional advantages. It is possible to load the trailer with assorted supplies without having to load them in roof racks. It’s round cross bars and the flip-up tongue stand are extremely functional and are standard gears with the trailer.

RIGHT-ON TRAILER Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer

The trailer has a two-tier system to transport a lot of gear in both of is racks. It is possible to load 6 bicycles on the top rack and 4 kayaks at the bottom rack.

Users are free to configure the trailer pertaining to their needs. Apart from transporting kayaks, the two-tier trailer can carry SUPs, cargo boxes, fishing kayaks as well. The cross bars of the kayak is 64 inches wide and are strong enough to carry all roof rack accessories from renowned brands like Thule and Yakama.

RIGHT-ON TRAILER Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak TrailerThe tongue stand and crossbars are of high quality galvanized strength, are extremely durable and lightweight. Using Right-on trailer is fuel-efficient and effective compared with its rivals.

Kayak Trailers

#5. Ruff-Sport Trailer – Galvanized Finish for Kayak

Ruff-Sport TrailerFeatures:

  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Body: Galvanized steel
  • Wheels: 12×4.80 inches
  • Crossbars: 64” wide
  • Fold up tongue stand
  • LED lighting
  • Balanced suspension

The new  Ruff-Sport Trailer is one of the best kayaks available for carrying kayaks being used in salt waters. Trailers are meant for transporting kayaks from home to the water body and vice-versa.  After the water trip, the kayaks are to be transported back home and can flood the trailer with salty water.

The tough galvanized steel frame of the Ruff-Sport trailer offer excellent resistance against corrosion from saltwater exposure. The wheels are large at 12×4.8 inches, they can withstand heavy load. The big wheels ride smoothly at rough terrains without wear and tear for many years.

Ruff-Sport TrailerApart from carrying Kayaks, the trailer is used to carry snowboards, bicycles, cargo boxes and Stand up paddle boards. The crossbars are heavy and sturdy and support a number of heavy accessories. It is possible to fold the tongue of the trailer when it is not in use.

The wagon has an LED lighting system in its tail lights and rear lights.  The strong frame and soft springs of the wagon help it to absorb vibration on the road easily.

Kayak Trailers

#6. Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer

Ironton Personal WatercraftFeatures:

  • Dimensions: 127 inches long x 52 inches wide
  • White power coat finish
  • Tires: 12 inches
  • Protective fenders and lights
  • Rugged steel made
  • Load capacity: 800 pounds

The Ironton Boat trailer is a perfect transporting system for skis, boards, watercraft, and kayaks. It is able to carry heavy tandem kayaks and fishing kayaks at ease. Its frames are of galvanized steel and its white powder coat finishing adds a lot to its durability.

Ironton Personal WatercraftThe Trailer is able to carry more than 4 kayaks, bicycles and huge cargo boxes, its total load-bearing capacity is 800 pounds. The trailer has protective fenders which makes it great for highway transportation.

Ironton Personal WatercraftIts lighting system is perfect and is in accordance with the highway authorities protocol. The rugged steel cross boards are tough enough to carry heavy loads.  Trailer’s  heavy tires render excellent friction and balance to carry heavy loads.

Kayak Trailers

Buying guide for Kayak Trailers

Kayak Trailer

The stability and the effective functioning of the kayak depend on efficient porting. Thus it is important to invest in a kayak trailer that serves the purposes of easy transportation and safe porting from home to the destination. Let us discuss the other factors to consider while investing in a Kayak Trailer.

  • The capacity of the Trailer
  • Size of the Trailer’s Tongue
  • The inclination of the Trailer
  • Size of the Wheel
  • Storage Space


The Capacity of The Trailer:

Typically, Trailers are capable of carrying two to four kayaks on a go. Users have to check the manufacturer’s recommendation of the trailers load capacity and accordingly, the capacity of the trailer can be ascertained. Trailers are multi-purpose transportation aids as well and are good enough to port canoes, bicycles and paddle boards across destinations.


 Size of the Trailer’s Tongue:

The trailer’s tongue is the distance between the hitch and the axle of the trailer. It determines the conjugation of the trailer with the size of the kayak. Longer the trailer’s tongue longer the kayaks it could hold.

Tandem kayaks and Sea kayak are little lengthier and require longer tongue in the trailer. Recreational kayaks can be put on shorter tongued trailers though.


The Inclination of The Trailer:

Before buying the trailer we need to check if it is mechanically inclined or not. Otherwise, it is difficult to assemble them and loading a kayak on them can become a hectic task.

Even a small missing nut or loosened bolt can spoil the entire trip if the trailer leaves loose when holding the kayak.

If the trailer required mechanical assembling of the parts, then it is a must to stock some odd and costly tools, and brush up the knowledge about assembling as well.


Size of The Wheel:

The wheel and tire size of the trailer decides the distance between the kayak and the ground during travel. The Tires need to be heavy and strong when it is set for transportation on rough terrains.

Also, heavy wheels will be able to withstand wear and tear for a long time, though they are a little overpriced compared with those with smaller wheels.

Trailers with smaller wheels wear off early and could not find any replacements; also they put undue stress on the bearings.


Storage Space:

Rest the trailer under the roof in a garage or in a temporary canopy to elongate their life span. When they are left in the open space for a long time, they are prone to damage with dust and rust with water exposure.

Those who have ample storage space can invest in a larger trailer that is capable of holding many kayaks and those with little storage space should decide on their trailers accordingly.


Kayak Trailer Preventive Maintenance Guide:

 There are strict maintenance points to ensure safe kayak transportation on the road. There is a requirement to check up on almost everything before letting them on the go. The preventive maintenance checklist includes,

  • Basic Check up on Everything
  • Inflating Tires
  • Enhancing the Life of Trailer Tires
  • Checking wheel Bearings
  • Checking the Lights on the Trailer
  • Miscellaneous


Basic Check up on Everything:

Trekking with kayaks on the backcountry roads is towing and takes a toll on the life of the trailer. Components could wear down faster than expected while driving on rough terrains. To avoid unexpected surprises on the roads, the following issues are to be kept in mind before, after and even during the trip.

  • Check if the coupler for its working status and if it fits snugly over the hitch ball
  • Check the lubrication on the tongue jack as many trailers have grease fittings on its pinion side.
  • It is important to inspect the safety chains for their working condition and if they are laid fastened.
  • The bunks are prone to wear and tear; it is important to replace them periodically.
  • Cracked, rusted and corroded leaf springs can have serious issues; inspect them for their leafy shape.
  • Loose nuts and bolts are always an issue; check the trailer for rusted fasteners and for stress cracks.


Inflating Tires:

Trailer tires are the heroes of all kayaking trips, a flat tire in the middle of the highway could be disgusting. It is important to check them for wear and tear and inflate them before every trip.

When the inflation is too high or too low the tire’s life is put at risk, and thus it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for PSI adequacy. The maximum PSI for trailer tires is print on its sidewall as well.


Enhancing the Life of Trailer Tires:

There are different types of trailer tires available in the market. Bias ply tires are stiffer and can support trailer sway; they are of low cost and are ideal for short trips.

Radial tires are comparatively costly but decrease heat build-up in their body considerably, have enhanced load capacity and create less noise on the roads.

  • Tires should not sit on the bare ground when it is ideal and plywood is kept underneath. Alternatively, it is a good practice to park them on concrete.
  • When they are left for long hours in the sun, tire covers are a must to use.
  • Check the stems of the tire at frequent intervals.


Checking wheel Bearings:

Bearings help the wheel spin with minimum friction. They supply grease constantly and are prone to wearing off sooner than expected. Without adequate lubricant, they will generate excess heat and can ruin the wheels, bearings and also the axles.

It is important to replace wheel bearings when grease forms around the exterior of the wheel hub. Grinding and squeaking noise indicate bearings require re-greasing or replacement. Resistance during wheel spin indicates the need for replacement as well.


Checking the Lights on the Trailer:

National highway traffic safety authorities have strict rules about trailer lights protocol. They indicate that trailers should have stop lights, reflectors, tail lights, and turn signals. Trailers that are more than 80 inches wide and 30 feet long should have additional reflectors and lights.

It is important to replace worn out bulbs and damaged wires and connectors. A functioning fuse, intact lenses, and connectors are all important for optimal lighting in the trailers and should be put under periodic checks.



It is important to follow all road safety measures when trailering the kayak on the road. Before packing the kayak on the trailers, check the following things for functionality,

  • Fastening of tie-down straps
  • The condition of trailer brakes
  • Electrical connections
  • Tire pressure of tow vehicle
  • Even distribution of load
  • Spare trailer tire and needed tools for unforeseen repairs



 Trailers are important accessories for all those kayak freaks who wish to spend their leisure paddling in the cool waters. There are a number of trailers for us to export the boats from our homes to the kayaking destination.

We hope our guide would help you in choosing the best trailer for you and your kayaks. We have to ensure that the trailer for transporting kayaks is in good form and it takes us to our destination without any toil. With little knowledge and patience, we can self-care the transport system and enjoy years of paddling.


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