The 7 Best Men’s & Women’s Snowboard Packages of 2024


Snowboarding is one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy the mountains in the winter. Though it was once a niche, it now represents a significant portion and enjoyment slope of every single mountain slope. But it is not possible to start learning all the nitty-gritty of snowboarding, and it sometimes can feel like a chore to some. One best way to get started with snowboarding is to take the help of a snowboard package.

The snowboard packages are a combination of snowboards, bindings, and boots, encompassed into a single package that makes the process of buying easy and simple. Instead of getting into the details of snowboard packages, it is better to go with a premade snowboard package that helps in hitting the slopes every time. We have also made the entire process simple by listing the best snowboard packages here.


Best Men’s & Women’s Snowboard Packages

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Men’s & Women’s Snowboard Packages – [2024]

Men’s Snowboard Packages

  1. Camp Seven Drifter and APX Snowboard Package
  2. STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package
  3. System 2020 MTN and APX Complete Men’s Snowboard Package
  4. Flow 2020 Gap 156 Men’s Complete Snowboard Package

Women’s Snowboard Packages

  1. Camp Seven Featherlite Women’s Complete Snowboard Package
  2. Flow Star Women’s Complete Snowboard Package
  3. System MTNW Women’s Snowboard Package

Best Men’s & Women’s Snowboard Packages Reviews

Best Men’s Snowboard Packages

#1. Camp Seven Drifter and APX Snowboard Package


Camp Seven Drifter and APX Snowboard Package At a Glance:
  • Ultimate snowboard package
  • Drifter snowboard
  • System APX bindings
  • Full-length EVA base pad
  • Inside ladder straps
  • 4 tooth ratchets
  • Simple and classic styling
  • Thermofit heat liners
  • 3 years warranty on the package.
The camp seven men’s snowboard package is the ultimate all-mountain snowboard package for men and women. Its drifter floats like a dream in powder and kills groomers making the park to lap easily.

The drifter pairs with systems APX boot and binding and this package offers the best riding experience to discover the entire mountain. The drifter features the CRCX camber profile that enhances the float in powder and elevates the contact points to ensure that the user never catch an edge.

Its system APX bindings are stylish and are latest and the most durable bindings that one could carry. It renders unparalleled performance and features a full-length EVA base pad. This can either have a toe strap are an be ridden of toe cap style and chosen over forefoot.

The gel insert contouring straps includes aluminum four tooth ratchets and 15% fiber inclusion at both the high back and the base plate. Its thermofit heat molding liners render a custom fit and an articulating cuff for smooth flex. Each of the components in the package has 3 years’ warranty.

#2. STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package


STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package At a Glance:
  • Available in different sizes
  • All-terrain snowboard package
  • Twin directional
  • Hybrid profile snowboard
  • Board and bindings for all levels.
  • High-quality snowboard
  • Comfortable all-mountain riding style
  • Accommodates all levels of riding
  • Unique handling qualities
The Stauber summit snowboard is one of the high-quality boards that feature an innovative technology. This snowboard package allows for a comfortable all-mountain style of riding, and also offers an exhilarating park experience.

The shape of the boards prevents the riders from catching an edge in icy and snowy conditions. Its twin directional board shape and chamber rocker profile is sure to offer a perfect fun day on the mountain.

The Stauber summit is ideal for all-mountain freestyle riding. The package can easily accommodate all levels of riding and accommodates beginner to expert level. Any rider will easily enjoy the unique handling qualities of the snowboard.

The Stauber summit board has a camber rocker profile and is good for children as well, provided they are at the optimal height and weight. It has an extruded base and does not require frequent waxing as that of sinter base.

#3. System 2020 MTN and APX Complete Men’s Snowboard Package


System 2020 MTN and APX Complete Men's Snowboard Package At a Glance:
  • Complete Men’s snowboard package
  • Designed to float in powder
  • Renders lightweight performance
  • System MTN snowboard
  • System APX Bindings
  • APX Boots
  • Gel insert contoured straps
  • 3-year warranty
This is a system MTN and APX complete men’s snowboard package. This MTN snowboard is designed to float in powder. Powder through trees and still handle park laps for day. The package offers lightweight performance that will excel one’s riding.

System’s comfort is also given along with APX boots to build a complete snowboard package, that takes the users to places on the mountain. This MTN offers a camber rocker camber profile, that greatly enhances the float in powder and ensures that one never catch an edge.

The small camber sections in the nose and tail engages for jumps and tricks on the snow. It uses the all-new 3D core that centers around the tip to tail poplar wood along with two high density stringers that is running outside the center of the board.

Its system APX binding is one of the lightest and renders unparalleled performance. It has a range of features that includes Full-length EVA base pad, gel insert contour straps, ladder straps, aluminum tooth ratchets and anatomically corrected footbed.

#4. Flow 2020 Gap 156 Men’s Complete Snowboard Package


Flow 2020 Gap 156 Men's Complete Snowboard Package At a Glance:
  • An all-new shape and design
  • Softer flex for smooth rides
  • Sandwich construction
  • Full wood core
  • Matte finish
  • Available in different colors
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
This complete snowboard package includes a classic sandwich construction that is been built using high-quality materials. The package includes excellent performing boards and the standard full wood core boards. There are also beech reinforcements in the nose and the tail for optimum lightness, pop, responsiveness and durability.

This snowboard package also includes a standard Cammock camber between the bindings and the rocker. They are evenly distributing in the nose and the tail to keep the board stable.

The riders will also gain the confidence they require to progress quickly. The exceptionally durable N 5000 universal base is designed to absorb the wax and retain it longer for a super smooth ride.

This snowboard features a brand new shape and design and renders a softer flex for smooth rides. It also renders a sandwich construction, matte finish and full wood core. The product also comes with a three years manufacturing warranty on the snowboard. The package also includes a Nidecker Ranger BOA men’s snowboard boots.

Best Women’s Snowboard Packages

#5. Camp Seven Featherlite Women’s Complete Snowboard Package


Camp Seven Featherlite Women's Complete Snowboard Package At a Glance:
  • Camp seven Featherlite snowboard
  • Rocker between the feet
  • Tri-density 3D core
  • Features two high density stringers
  • features strength, durability
  • board that drives itself
  • camber sections providing unreal tip and tail control
  • rocker offers incredible float
  • female-specific binding
  • comfort and high ease of use.
The is one of the best snowboards for women and has been designed specifically for the lady riders. The siren Mystic is the perfect example for a female-specific binding. It focuses on comfort, ease of use and progressions.

The Mystic will get riding easier than ever before. This incredible board reduces weight in every possible way, without having to compromise on the strength or performance. The board is full tip to tail popular along with two high density stringers that can add strength and durability.

The camber sections provide unreal tip and tail control and power while the rocker renders incredible float and catch-free all-mountain freedom. Siren Lux Women’s snowboard boots are built to maximize comfort. They are designed specifically for the way women generally ride.

The boot will enhance one’s riding experience and are also so comfortable, one could wear them around the house. Additions such as gel patch on the back of the boot helps in alleviating stress points from high backs ensuring that the feet will live the dream while riding.

#6. Flow Star Women’s Complete Snowboard Package


Flow Star Women's Complete Snowboard Package At a Glance:
  • Hybrid sidewall construction
  • Offers the smoothest ride
  • Flatrock profile
  • User-friendly nose and tail
  • Tight sidecut for the most welcoming ride
  • Auto open hinge
  • Two years limited warranty
  • Mix of comfort and ease
  • Convenient BOA closure system
The board features the best sidewall construction making the board the smoothest ride in all conditions. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vet that are to be introduced to the amazing activity. The Pixi will stand as the best friend, and Ez-Flatrock profile is combined with a user-friendly nose and tail that are laced together into the tight sidecut making the most welcoming ride that we have.

This includes head velvet women’s bindings that features an Auto open hinge and comes with limited two years’ warranty for manufacturers.

The Flow Vega LTD BOA Women’s snowboard boots offers a great mix of comfort and ease of use. This renders softer flexing boot that features the convenient BOA closure system. It laces up the boot with the simple turn of the dial.

The feather liner fits exactly like a glove and the Thermo-lite outsole provides great traction on icy and snow surfaces. Every day on the snowboard is a great day with the Vega BOA boot. The product offers four years manufacturing warranty on the snowboard.

#7. System MTNW Women’s Snowboard Package


System MTNW Women’s Snowboard Package At a Glance:
  • Flatrock and flat base under the foot
  • Renders the most stable and predictable rides
  • Adds the rocker in the tip and tail
  • Eliminates edge catches and adds float in powder
  • Siren’s new booth design was built around maximizing comfort
  • Focus on comfort and ease of use
  • EVA base pad for dampening and cushioning
  • Three years’ warranty
This is one of the best snowboard packages for women with a flat rock and a flat base creating the most stable and predictable rides imaginable. The MTNW adds rocker in the tip and tail and eliminates edge catches adding tons of float in powder.

The MTNW is designed to help the female shredder push their riding, while still providing and easy and a fun ride. It’s all-new flex pattern on the MTNW allows it to push through and excel in the choppier and harder conditions. Its adds a lot of more and pop.

The siren’s new boot design and Lux was built around maximizing comfort. The outfit was built around maximizing comfort and was design for the way women rides. The boot excels the riding experience while being so comfortable that one would wear around the house.

Mystic will make the riding experience easier and ever before and features a full-length EVA base pad for both dampening and cushioning effect. It adds a padded toe and heel straps to make it feel strapped. The package has three years’ warranty as well.

Buyer’s Guide

Snowboard Packages

Ways to choose the best snowboard package

We have listed the best snowboard packages to help you have the best of time in the slopes. But there are sure considerations to think of while choosing the best snowboard packages and those attributes are as follows.

  • Snowboard length
  • Width of the snowboard and its boot size
  • Choosing the right type of snowboard
  • Snowboard shapes
  • Rocker and camber snowboards
  • Snowboard flex
  • Sidecut and turn radius

Snowboard Length:

In order to choose the right length of the snowboard, it is important to understand that the length of the board can change the way that one rides it. Most of the snowboard packages will come in different length of the boards to pick from. In order to choose the ideal length, it is always good to focus on the freestyle riding with a longer board. Freeride boards are pretty stable at high speeds owing to their longer length.

For those who leverage on the speed, then they should focus on longer boards. Shorter boards are lightweight and render more agility and help with easier tricks. For terrain parks, it is good to go on with short and freestyle type of board.

Width of The Snowboard and its Boot Size

When it comes to the width of the snowboard, there is a hard and a fast limit. The width of the board should be as small as the boots. Those with larger boots should have a larger board.

The width of the snowboard is generally sized in such a way that the boots are equal to the width of the board approximately. Low profile snowboard boots are however ideal for those who wish to rip a little harder. These boots are less intrusive and render more space for the board to carve and edge before the boot trenches out.

Choosing The Right Type of Snowboard

In order to choose the right type of snowboard for a rider, it is important to right type of snowboard. The different types of snowboards that are available for riders are,

  • Powder boards: These boards are longer and wider than other boards generally. They float in deep and soft powder, and owing to this, powder boards demand larger surface area to stay afloat.
  • Freeride boards: These are good choices for off-trail conditions. These boards explore the mountain and make the off-trail world an excellent playground.
  • Freestyle boards: These boards are generally short and have twin tips. They are truly symmetrical are good to ride both on regular and goofy terrains equally. They are ideal for terrain park riding.
  • All-mountain boards: These boards are ideal for any condition or situation. They perform pretty well no matter what the mountain throws at the rider and generally blend in all-terrain conditions.

Snowboard Shapes:

Boards can have different shapes and different profiles, depending on one’s riding styles and preferences. Riders should choose a specific board to make most of their riding. The different shapes of snowboards are,

  • Twin tip boards: These boards have symmetrical designs where the tip and the tail of the board are exactly mirrored. They ride the same in either direction and make an ideal choice for the terrain park.
  • Directional boards: This is for those riders who have a preference for being ridden forwards. These boards are common in freeride situations.
  • Asymmetrical boards: These boards come in any shape. The width, stiffness, shape can change dramatically from tip to tail. These boards can either have a toe side or a heel side preference.


Rocker and Camber Snowboards

Rocker boards are those that feature an upturned banana shape of a snowboard. It is a U bend in the board that results only the center of the board to touch the snow. A true rocker board will make contact with snow only at the center, with its tip and tail bend up and away. These boards are buttery and slippery and lack solid edge contact at the tip and tail. They are best to use in terrain parks.

Chamber is generally the opposite of rocker. A truly chamber board looks upside-down U shape where, the tip and tail of the board touch the ground. The tip and tail of the boards apply great pressure to the snow and they increase the positive edge hold and grip.

Snowboard Flex:

Boards generally have a flex rating. It is the measure of how hard it is to get the board to bend or change its shape. The flex ranges from soft and stiff and stays anywhere in between. The boards with soft flex is ideal for beginners as they make turning and controlling the board pretty easier. Stiff boards have tons of power and edge grip. Advanced boarders benefit from stiffer boards and for beginners and intermediates, boards on the soft side of the spectrum is probably the most ideal option.

Side-cut and Turn Radius:

Side cut refers to the extent of variance in width between the tail, tip and the center of the board. The side cut helps the board to take an hourglass appearance. Side cut is an important feature that plays a big role in how agile the board is when on edge. Snowboards with lots of side cuts will turn sharply when they are edged properly.

Side cut also decreases the overall surface area of the board. This is ideal for stability and agility on hardback snow, this can cause the board to sink in powder.


Buying Considerations – Picking up Your Ideal Snowboard

Snowboard Packages

While buying a snowboard, they are a number of things to consider. Some common mistakes that people make is that, they choose a board merely by its looks and the brand name of the manufacturer.

Doing this will result in the snowboarder ending up with a board that is not appropriate for one’s skill set. This can actually hinder one’s performance rather than help it. The important buying considerations while choosing the snowboard package for men and women are,

  • Gender
  • Ability levels
  • Intended use
  • Cost of the snowboard


Snowboards for women and men are different. But there are enough options for both men and women’s snowboards. Women’s boards are of lighter materials which makes it easy to flex and control the board for better response. As far as kid’s boards are concerned, they are built with flex, that is appropriate with the size of the kid. They also have the technology to aid them to learn and progress.

Ability Levels:

Different snowboards have different ability level and the complexity of their construction enhances the level of their performance. Though it is good to buy a good snowboard, it is not a good idea to get a board that is best for one’s ability levels. The different ability levels as far as snowboards are concerned are beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate and expert.

Intended Use:

Snowboards have the design to suit different types of terrain and feature different riding styles as well. The broad categories of snowboards are freestyle, all-mountain, and all-mountain freestyle snowboards. For those who are learning to ride and wish to venture into the park, then, an MTB is ideal for them. Freestyle boards are good to perform some tricks in the terrain park. All-mountain freestyle boards are those that one commonly finds and they offer the best of both the worlds.

Cost of The Snowboard:

Beginners can simply opt for snowboard packages for rent and those who are learning the sport can buy them. It is important to invest in high quality and costly snowboards as one’s skill set and expertise levels improve. The cost of entry-level snowboards is anywhere between $199 and $299. The cost of mid-level boards is between $359 and $449. Cost of advance level boards is generally $455 and above.


Final Words:

We hope our extensive collection of snowboard for men and women will help in your desires of snowboarding, irrespective of your level of expertise. Spend a lot of time to learn to ride and time to decide on which package to pick as far as snowboard packages are concerned.

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