The 5 Best Motorcycle Jeans Pants of 2024


Best Motorcycle Jeans Pants

Wondering why you would require a special motorcycle riding jeans when you can do pretty good with your own blue jeans for riding? You have been thinking wrong. Though the motorcycle-specific jeans are a new addition in the industry they are unique in their own way and are definitely worth an investment.

Though they look like regular dungarees, under the cloth surface, these pants hide their characteristic armor and other abrasion-resistant materials.

Apart from being superior to elements, a good riding jean helps to keep the rider comfortable and flexible on the bike. It also incorporates a stretch material throughout its structure.

They strike the best balance between style and safety and the best clothing to wear while riding the motorcycle. Read through for the best selection of motorcycle jeans pants along with their buying guide.


Best Motorcycle Jeans Pants

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Motorcycle Jeans Pants – [2024]

  1. MAXLER JEAN Biker Jeans for Men
  2. ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants
  3. Takuey Motorcycle Riding Denim Jeans for Men Motocross Racing
  4. Speed and Strength Rust and Redemption Men’s Armored Moto Street Motorcyle Pants
  5. Mens Motorcycle Biker Waterproof, Windproof Riding Pants

Best Motorcycle Jeans Pants Reviews

#1. MAXLER JEAN Biker Jeans for Men


MAXLER JEAN Biker Jeans At a Glance:
  • Outer shell comprises of flexible spandex fabric
  • Thigh zippers for knee protection
  • Adjusting knee protectors
  • Zippers at the calf as well
  • Good to use as casual jeans as well
  • Budget-friendly biker jeans
These biker jeans for men fit perfectly as marketed and are available as slim or skinny fit jeans. They also comprise a good quantum of Kevlar lining on the back of the pants. Its denim layer is thick and comprises of a pretty good stitch, leaving enough room for the calf area and the thigh.

Apart from the protective Kevlar lining, the spandex material on these pants renders a sense of flexibility and comfort. Users may have to position the knee pad according to their height.

In short this serves as comfortable wear comprising of spandex fabric, denim, and Kevlar. The thigh zippers function as attachable knee protectors and they also comprise of an air vent mesh.

The knee protectors are adjustable depending upon one’s height. Its calf zippers help in stabilizing the knee protectors when the person rides on a motorcycle. Its attaching knee protectors allow the riders to wear their jeans as a casual jean for daily life as well.

#2. ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants


ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans At a Glance:
  • Fashionable and durable motorcycle jeans
  • Five-pocket design
  • Traditional fit and design
  • Abrasion-resistant exteriors
  • Kevlar lining from knee to waist
  • Offers excellent tear resistance
  • Adjusting hook and loop knee armor pocket
This is the best and the most professional motorcycle jeans that have an excellent design which is pretty well and have been made at least four times more abrasion-resistant. This motorcycle jean is far better and different from the denim material and comprises of the T420fiber on the outer portion of the jeans.

It has been engineered to resist abrasion completely and its 250g Dupont Kevlar is featured as lining material from the waist to the knees to resist against tearing.

All of the critical seams of this pant comprises of an exo-stitch safety stitching mechanism. There are additional armor pockets in the knees that comprise of a hook and loop adjustment system. Such optional Sas-Tec armor offers the right protection as per the requirement of the rider who can get really aggressive on the road.

There is also a night time reflective material sewn on the inside of the lower hem so that it gets clearly visible in the night when one rolls up the hem. Thus this motorcycle jean promises excellent looks with unmatched protection.

#3. Takuey Motorcycle Riding Denim Jeans for Men Motocross Racing


Takuey Motorcycle Riding Denim Jeans At a Glance:
  • Material: 14 oz. Denim cloth with cotton and spandex mix
  • Available in five colors
  • Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL size options
  • Excellent and upgraded pads
  • Detachable pads when not in use
  • Knee and back waist folding design
  • Perfect for daily use and for motorcycle riding
This is a perfect motorcycle riding jeans pant that is available in four different colors such as army green, black, blue and camouflage. This denim jeans pants consist of denim cloth, and 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

Thus this material is breathable, hard-wearing, tear-resistant and is breathable. They comprise of upgraded protector pads and are certified by CE for motorcycle protection.

When these jeans pants are not in use, you can quickly unload their components for additional comfort. You may require to purchase an additional anti-collision protection pad for the pant.

It comprises a knee and back waist folding design which can give you more flexibility. This pant is extremely ergonomic, extremely flexible, and comprises of a high tech fabric conssruction. This pant is ideal for everyday styling and for motorcycle riding as well.

#4. Speed and Strength Rust and Redemption Men’s Armored Moto Street Motorcyle Pants


Armored Moto Street Motorcyle Pants At a Glance:
  • Motorcycle pant available in blue color
  • Excellent motor street pant for men
  • Material: 12 oz. pre-distressed denim
  • Reinforced at knee and seat
  • Comprises of Kevlar fiber thread
  • Stretch panels at knees and waist
  • Articulated knees
This motorcycle pant is one of the best gear to wear for motorcycle rides without compromising on quality. It comprises of a 12 oz. pre-distressed denim and comprises of a removable knee armor.

The knees and seat of this pant have reinforcement with DuPont Kevlar fiber thread. There are stretch panels available at the knees and the waist. The pant comprises a straight fit along with articulating knees. Denim of this pant is thick and comes with CE armor at the knees. There is no armor at the hip.

These pants are extremely stylish and they go great with regular day to day attire as well. Speed and strength are one of the fastest-growing street brands in America and its new collection of motorcycle pants is known for speed.

They are able to withstand destruction and sets a new standard for excellent urban adventure. The knee protection makes the skinny jeans slightly uncomfortable. These pants are great for the price and they are stylish and offer great protection.

#5. Mens Motorcycle Biker Waterproof, Windproof Riding Pants


Mens Motorcycle Biker Waterproof Pants At a Glance:
  • The pant that is abrasion, tear, and scuff resistant
  • 600D polyester main shell construction
  • Heavy-duty 1680D polyester at the knees
  • Non-slip tactical grip fabric
  • 2 pc removable hip foam padding
  • Breathable waterproof liner
  • Adjusting waist belts for a custom fit
  • Anatomical and pre-curved design
This is an excellent waterproof motorcycle pant that is resistant to abrasions, scuff, and tear. It comprises of a polyester main shell construction. It also comprises of 1680D polyester at the knees for additional protection and for resistance against abrasion.

Its non-slip tactical grip fabric at the seating area ensures firm riding experience with absolutely no sliding. The pant consists of a two-piece removable hip foam padding.  Its knee armor has certification from CE and you can also remove it completely and can adjust it vertically to fit the kneecap for maximum protection.

This pant comprises of a completely removable thermal liner and a fixed breathing waterproof liner. It comprises of adjusting waist belt for a custom fit. There are two front hand pockets with snap closure with zips.

Its accordion-style expansion panels at the rear waist and above knees for enhanced flexibility. The pant comprises anatomical design that enhances fit and comfort while riding the bike. There is reflective piping at the front of the pant for excellent night time visibility.

Buying Guide For Best Motorcycle Jeans Pants

Best Motorcycle Jeans Pants 

Some Important Factors To Consider Before Buying The Motorcycle Jeans

Wondering what is there to consider while buying a pair of jeans other than the size, color, and style? Well you are mistaken. There are a number of other factors such as impact protection, abrasion resistance, ventilation etc., to consider if you want to experience a more comfortable riding endeavor. Let us discuss these factors in detail here.

  • Check-in what way the motorcycle jean pant is different from the regular jeans?
  • Check of the jeans incorporates Kevlar fabric?
  • Comfort and flexibility
  • Style of the pant
  • Safety features
  • Fully lines Vs partially lined jeans
  • Budget

Check-in what way the motorcycle jean pant is different from the regular jeans?

The motorcycle jeans are generally built to last long and withstand the wear and tear of everyday living. They have reinforcements with super-strong Kevlar fabrics so as to ensure exceptional durability. Also, these jeans pants come with additional protection for the back, hip, and knees.

They have been created with utmost strength and protection in mind and unlike ordinary jeans they offer exceptional protection against falls and abrasions and also ensures maximum ride comfort. Check for all these features when you choose to buy a pair of motorcycle jeans pants.

Check of The Jeans Incorporates Kevlar Fabric?

Kevlar is the material of choice when it comes to motorcycle jeans pants. It is one of the high tensile strength synthetic fibers, ever known to man. Kevlar first came into existence in the year 1965 and has since been used in tires, and armors such as helmets.

It is bulletproof and super strong and is thus the best fabric that has been put into use in protective jeans. Kevlar jeans are the best in protecting the rider from abrasions, in case they fall off from the bike. These pants are capable of withstanding wears and tear exceptionally.

Comfort and Flexibility:

Think about comfort and flexibility while deciding to buy a pair of jeans. Remember that jeans that are too tight will restrict the movement and ride quality. Similarly, jeans that are too lose could be a source of discomfort as well.

Choose a pair of jeans that fit just perfectly and take help from the sizing guide for the same. Check for stretch panels on the knees and the waist so as to help with unrestricted movement and exceptional comfort.

Style of The Pant:

Just because the motorcycle jeans pant is made up of very hard and strong material, it doesn’t mean that they don’t add to your style segment. Motorcycle jeans pants from some of the best brands in fact add a lot of value to one’s everyday modern look.

They offer the most versatile look with relaxed leg fit and denim clothing. Choose durable and work style pants that are breathable, flexible, and can be worn as one’s regular jeans.

Safety Features:

Safety is the single most important feature to look for in the motorcycle jeans pant. Check the range of protective features your motorcycle pant offers, before choosing to buy them. Check for built-in riding armor, knee protector, hip protection, and additional reinforcement at the buttock area.

To help yourself with maximum protection, go for brands that incorporate these safety features. The riding armor should be adjustable so that you can use it while riding and take it off, upon reaching the destination.

Fully Lines Vs Partially Lined Jeans:

Jeans generally come as with single lining, complete lining or partial lining. Fully lines jeans have protective layers throughout the insides. Partially lined jeans cover only the key impact areas such as knees and the buttock region.

Turn the jeans inside out to see how far down the road and the sides of the hip the protective layer comes and covers. If they are sewn with the main jean layer, inspect if the sticking is exposed, as they could wear off quickly or get the protective layer shift away when endured with an impact.


Motorcycle jeans pants are generally costlier than the regular jeans. Check for the design and the safety features of the pant, and check if it can fit in your budget? If you an off-road bike rider and do not ride pretty fast, then there is absolutely no use in investing in such high protective motorcycle jeans that costs so much money.

If you have budget constraints, then it is better not to go for top brands for they are over $200. Motorcycle jeans can cost anywhere between $50 and $500 and it is up to you to decide your brand. But never compromise quality for money as safety matters the most than anything else.

Best Motorcycle Jeans Pants 

Motorcycle Jeans FAQs

Is it important for the motorcycle bike to be comprised of Kevlar fabric?

Kevlar is the material of choice when it comes to motorcycle bikes. It is a type of aramid fabric that is resistant to heat and cuts. It is an excellent synthetic fabric that has been used in tires owning to its heat resistance and excellent tensile strength. So it is better if you choose bikes that are composed of Kevlar fabric.

What does approval by CE mean?

Motorcycle jeans brans that possess armor and have been approved by the European standards for motorcycle safety are generally denoted by CE approved. All the additional padding in the motorcycle pants are approved by CE.

Is it mandatory to wear motorcycle jeans while riding a motorcycle?

Yes, for those who ride motorcycles at high speeds, this is absolutely mandatory. These jeans are made up of high-quality material that is heat resistant and has armors to protect from fall and injury. Sometimes such attires take critical decisions between life and death.

How should I pick the right side of my motorcycle jeans?

It is advised to follow the sizing guide of the product and check one’s measurements to choose the right size. If you are still not sure, then it is good to opt for a size bigger to ensure that your movement doesn’t gets hindered. But do not go for very loose jeans as it can cause problems while driving.


Handling and Maintenance Tips For Motorcycle Jeans:

Appropriate maintenance and handling of the motorcycle jeans are mandatory to ensure that its life is enhanced. As these riding jeans come with lining and additional padding, it is mandatory to follow certain instructions for using and washing.

  • Never use harsh cleaning material that can contain bleach and other harmful chemicals. They can destroy the fabric and can create a number of unsightly marks on it that one will not be able to get over later on.
  • Do not wash the jeans too often, with every single wash, a bit of dye gets washed off.
  • When you think of washing the jeans, check for the label found on the jeans for special washing instructions. Follow these specific instructions so as to prolong the life of the jeans.
  • Remember to remove all armor, padding, all detachable parts, and anything you have stuffed in your pockets before proceeding to wash the jeans.
  • While washing, it is a good practice to turn the jeans inside out so as to preserve its dye and color and ensure that the pant zips do not snag with other items during the wash.
  • Remember to wash the pant on a gentle cycle always and at a low temperature, at about 30 degrees, and avoid using fabric softeners to the maximum, as this can destroy the fabric.
  • Do not use the drier to dry these pants, as it could shrink them and cause damage. Hang them to air dry after completing the washing cycle.

Final Words:

Motorcycle riding jeans are becoming popular as a number of bikers are shifting from sports bikes and are focusing on the street, custom, adventure, and cruiser missions. There are a number of best and the most affordable motorcycle jeans pants available for riders as we have discussed in this guide. We hope our product recommendation, buying guide, and maintenance guide helps you in buying the best pair of motorcycle jeans pants for your future safe bike trips.


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