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The 5 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights of 2023


Many people make use of outdoor motion sensor lights to enhance the security of their home and their workplace. And these lights are excellent ways to offer hands-free illumination for the garden, backyard, patio, porch, driveway, etc.

Their motion sensor activation adds to their security function. The lights get switched on automatically when there is something or someone in the dark.

Thus the outdoor motion sensor lights are bet ways to protect yourself, your family, and your possessions from intruders and burglars. They also serve as a cost-effective new security method.

Choosing an outdoor motion sensor lights is not easy as there are a number of parameters to look into. We are delineating them along with the best products here to help you with your choice.


Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights – [2023]

  1. URPOWER Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light
  2. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Outdoor Sensor Lights
  3. Heath Zenith HZ-5411-WH Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security Light
  4. LEPOWER Security Lights Motion Sensor Light Outdoor
  5. Heath Zenith Motion-Activated Four-Sided Coach Light

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Reviews

#1. URPOWER Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light


URPOWER Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light At a Glance:
  • Unique internal circuit design
  • Long working time
  • Excellent brightness
  • Weather resistance
  • Automated switch
  • The life span of 5 years
  • Powered by solar energy
  • Easy installation with no wired
  • Energy-saving and motion sensor technology
This motion sensor light has the best internal circuit and has positive and negative poles at the bottom of the LED. It thus burns extremely bring and has a very long working time. this light has 8 LED lights and is thus brighter and works pretty linger.

This light is both water and heatproof and is powered by solar energy. There is a solar panel on top of these lights and is ideal for use in almost any weather condition. It helps with excellent light for the garden, aisle, yard, patio, porch, driveway, etc.

Its automatic switch control turns on at night when it senses motion. It also gets switch off automatically when motion stops. It has a sensing range of about ten feet and its sensing angle is at 120 degrees.

The life span of this solar panel is 5 years or 50,000 hours. It takes just 6-8 hours to recharge completely. It is very much energy-saving and is easy to install without any wires. Your electricity bill will not escalate with this outdoor motion sensor light.

#2. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Outdoor Sensor Lights


BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Outdoor Sensor Lights At a Glance:
  • Solar-powered lights
  • Has Lithium-ion battery of 3.7V 1200 mAh
  • No dim mode
  • Wireless, energy-saving, and cost-saving
  • Upgraded 28 LED bulbs with 400 lumens
  • Wide motion angle at a compact size
  • Waterproof and extremely durable
  • Ideal for patio, garden, fence, and garage
This is an excellent solar powered outdoor motion sensor lights that have been designed with only on and off mode and no dim mode. Its motion sensor lights will turn on when motion is detected within a 3-5 m range.

Its lights will switch on automatically in darkness and at night, and render the necessary illumination for safety and security. These lights have about 28 powerful LED bulbs and their motion angle is about 120 degrees. Thus you can expect excellent illumination at night time.

There is a lampshade to cover the LED, to enhance its life. Its solar panel takes about 8 hours to get its charge and works in motion detection at night. The product is resistant to both water and heat and thus serves as an excellent lighting system for the patio, garden, fence, deck, drive, yard, etc. the product comes with 30 days’ complete refund policy with the purchase, authenticating its genuineness.

#3. Heath Zenith HZ-5411-WH Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security Light


Heath Zenith HZ-5411-WH At a Glance:
  • Heavy-duty motion sensor light
  • 150-degree motion-activated security system
  • Uses two flood bulbs with 120 Watt power
  • Range up to 70 feet
  • Bulb life is 3000 hours
  • Comprises of metal+ plastic construction
Health Zenith is a renowned name in the field of selling hardware products for homes. They have more than 10,000 retail stores all over the world, and are pioneers in innovating, designing and building quality products for the customers.

The heavy-duty motion-sensing light is of metal with plastic construction and has excellent durability. It makes use of two 120 Watt halogen flood bulbs with a detection range of up to 70 feet.

You can eave mount or wall mouth this light according to your convenience. It has a long burning time and can work from dusk to dawn without any problem. Its range of motion stays very impressive at 150 degrees and its bulbs have a life of over 3000 hours.

The light activates only in the night and not during the day. Users can make distance and sensitivity adjustments during the day. There will a small red light that will blink to denote that the light will come on with motion.

#4. LEPOWER Security Lights Motion Sensor Light Outdoor


LEPOWER Security Lights Motion Sensor Light Outdoor At a Glance:
  • Highly sensitive motion sensor light
  • IP65 waterproof material
  • Super bright and energy saving
  • Lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Light range of maximum 72 feet
  • Excellent heat dissipation technology
  • Adjusting design
This is a super bright and an energy-saving outdoor light system that enables it to produce about 3000 lumens of light at an extremely low power of 28 Watt. It features optical filter lenses for better illumination than normal chips. It is thus capable of saving 80% of the electricity bills.

The motion light gets triggered by the movement of humans, cars and animals and it has a sensing range of 72 feet and a detection angle of 180 degrees. They have a long lighting time and can accommodate a camera beside the light.

Easy and flexible to mount at any angle and can mount on the wall with proper installation methods. It features a complete metal design and its aluminum body features the best heat dissipation system. The light is waterproof and the lifespan of the light is about 50,000 hours. It can withstand the worst weather and goes great with garage, front door, backyard, driveway, staircase, etc.

#5. Heath Zenith Motion-Activated Four-Sided Coach Light


Heath Zenith Motion-Activated Four-Sided Coach Light At a Glance:
  • Comes in the shape of a lantern
  • Adds great value to the building structure
  • 4 side motion activation porch light
  • Convenient and economical outdoor illumination
  • 150-degree motion sensor
  • 30 feet detection range
  • Weather-resistant construction
This is an excellent motion activated nighttime lighting system that comes in the shape of a lantern. It features a black metal construction with clear glass on its three sides and an optional tail assembly. Its weather-resistant finish enhances its ambience and functionality to many folds. It has one 100-watt incandescent bulb for illumination.

It can detect motion at an angle of 150 degrees and can detect objects that are at least 30 feet away. This four sides coach-style porch light helps with convenient and economical outdoor illumination.

You will have to connect a cable with the plug by making use of its wire nuts to power it. It is designed to be placed outdoors and mount on the exterior walls for their best functionality. They are weather proof and resistant to elements and thus you can consider placing it outdoors without any worry.

Buyer’s Guide For Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Best Motion Sensor Lights

How does the outdoor motion sensor light work?

The motion detector lights behave as small electronic eyes that detect infrared waves and heat waves that radiate from moving objects. They will automatically light up in the dark sidewalk and garage if it senses any human movement.

Thus it helps in deterring intruders and burglars and also helps you to walk safely in the dark. A photocell in these lights deactivates the motion-sensing during day time. It has a semicircular field of view, up to 240 degrees and a long-distance range, extending up to 70 feet or more. They are inexpensive and are easier to install and use.


Important Features To Look For in The Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights:

There are a number of important factors to consider while choosing an outdoor motion sensor light such as light range, brightness, design, reactiveness etc. Let us discuss these features in detail here.

  • Mode of power
  • Lighting type
  • Range of the sensor
  • Location of the light
  • Wiring requirements of the lighting system
  • Design

Mode of Power:

Majority of these outdoor lights are powered by either solar power or are electrically powered. Solar sensor lights are easy to install and does not demand complex wiring. Do make sure that these lights are not kept under shade as they do not get power to charge their batteries. Lights that are powered by electricity can be installed anywhere but will add to your bills.

Lighting Type:

There are two major lighting types for these lights, namely general illumination type and spotlights. Spotlight type features a narrower beam and a longer converge similar to a flashlight. They are ideal to get installed on a driveway.

The illumination style lights offer an excellent glow to its surroundings and are pretty much appropriate for a porch or a lit path. In modern times, the majority of the users vouch for LEDs as they have a long life, up to 50,000 hours, and are power saving as well.

Range of The Sensor:

Choose the sensor lights depending on their sensor range. For those who have a long yard or a long driveway to cover, choose a light with a longer range option. A shorter range light may also be apt if you are planning to use too many lights in sequence along a path or a wall.

Location of The Light:

The exact location where you are planning to install the light, dictates what type of light you should opt for. If you are planning to install it in the porch, then choose a wall. Choose a ceiling-mounted unit when you want to light up the garage with dual-headed sensors. You can also choose to buy a stake style lights that are perfect for walkways and other places in your yard.

Wiring Requirements of The Lighting System:

Choose between a hard-wired motion sensor or a battery-powered unit. Hard wired products are generally more complicated to install, but there will be no trouble with changing the battery. On the other hand, battery-powered lights has the flexibility of taking up positions anywhere and are also easy to install, but require battery changes.


There are motion sensor lights that look like a standard outdoor light and looks plain and utilitarian, whereas others carry with them complex aesthetics to match the interiors of the home.


Motion sensor Light FAQ:

Why should I use an outdoor motion sensor lights?

Generally, people use these motion sensor lights for convenience, safety, security and energy efficiency. Mostly, people use them to scare off strangers and ensures that you don’t get tripped off when you walk around your house after sunset.

What type of light bulb should I choose?

The majority of the outdoor motion sensor lights make use of LED bulbs to save electricity. It also reduces the risk of fire from an incandescent bulb that gets too hot with use. But LED bulbs cannot be used to illuminate a larger area.

What should be the coverage area of my detector light?

The quantum of coverage provided by the motion light is determined by the brightness of the light bulbs and their motion sensor range. Ideally, if you want to illuminate a large area, like your entire backyard, choose a LED light with a range of 70 feet or more. Choose a light that has more lumens, like floodlights that make use of up to 3,400 lumens.

Do they detect burglars?

Yes, as burglars can’t use darkness to enter the home, and people inside the house will get alert if the light comes on immediately.

Can they be a part of the home security system?

When you combine the motion lights with your security system, you can benefit from mobile alerts, when the lights get activated. Also, the security cameras will get better footage in good light situations.


How Should You Choose Your Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights ?

Best Motion Sensor Lights

If you are someone who has tried all sorts of outdoor floodlights and is not satisfied with the right product, then you should read our buying guide first. Look for these important aspects in your motion sensor lights to get the best bet for your money.

  • Light output
  • Brightness and security
  • Weather resistance
  • Decorative element
  • Smart lighting options

Light Output:

The power of floodlights can be anywhere between 10W and 1000W. Most of the lights are rated in Lumens, which is the measure of light. For outdoor activities at home, choose a light that is between 2k – 3k lumens range and place them at frequent intervals.

Brightness and Security:

Choose lights that render bright lighting and feature a number of adjusting settings and a comprehensive coverage. Also look for features like adjusting timer, full-field vision and advance logic to detect false triggers. For extreme security functions, choose lights that are able to function appropriately even in adverse weather conditions.

Weather Resistance:

Choose a light that is waterproof and weather-resistant if you stay in a place that is prone to frequent rainfalls. Even if you spray them with a hose accidentally, it can be a problem if they are not water-resistant. Make sure that the product you buy has a basic IP65 protection rating, solid construction with high-quality aluminum or ABS plastic, and can live up to the weather.

Decorative Element:

Make sure that the light you choose matches the aesthetics of your home. Also choose battery-powered lights as there won’t be any wires to trip over. Choose lights that match the stairwells, pathways, and even the porches.

Smart Lighting Options:

Those who have a smart home system can buy bulbs that connect with Bluetooth and allow then to control the motion sensors, the scheduling, and a lot more with the help of the existing app. These technologically advanced bulbs fit in standard sockets and allow the users to control their color, brightness, and a lot more.


How should you choose your outdoor motion sensor lights?

  • Choose an outdoor motion sensor lighting system that is weather resistant and is capable of sensing movement.
  • Decide between solar and battery operated lights and the lights that plug into a power outlet.
  • Choose between lights that fix directly on the wall and those that render more flexibility such as pathway lights
  • Choose a light that fits in your budget.
  • It is wise to choose a lighting system that integrates better with your existing home automation system.
  • Choose lights that are compatible with the installation location of your home and the available power source.

Where should you place your outdoor motion sensor lights?

The first priority should be to light up the pathways that lead up to the home, both at the front of the house and also the backyard. Make sure that there is sufficient wall mounted lighting all around the home to eliminate potential hiding spots for intruders.

Some ideal locations to place these lights without any doubt are, around swimming pools, patio, stairways, deck, around large trees and bushes, fences and fence gates. Placing the lights in these locations serves as effective ways to deter opportunistic burglars from gaining easy entry to the home.


Final Words:

Hope our review helps you with a better understanding of the outdoor motion sensor lights and how best you should use them for your home. Our product descriptions help you to choose your ideal product without any hassle. Stay safe and stay alert even at odd hours of the day from invasion.


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