The 5 Best Ski Poles of 2024

The Best Ski poles are the most important components of the skiing activity, but a number of skiers overlook the use of the ski pole and in fact, a number of professional skiers fail to understand the inherent value of the ski pole at the skiing venue. The ski poles have the capacity to either make or break the skier’s form on the mountain. All the challenges that one faces during skiing get eased off with the help of an efficient ski pole at hand.

Let us discuss why we need a ski pole, the top best ski poles and the buying advice to choose the best ski pole here in detail. We hope our guide helps you in choosing the best ski pole for the best skiing experience ever.


Best Ski Poles

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Ski Poles – [2024]

  1. Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite
  2. LEKI Stealth S Ski Pole
  3. BLACK DIAMOND Expedition Ski Poles
  4. Scott World Cup Strike Ski Poles
  5. Volkl Phantastick Kids’ Ski Poles

Best Ski Poles Reviews

#1. Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite


Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite At a Glance:
  • Graphite carbon composite
  • Tapered and stiff ski pole
  • Features a large powder basket
  • Zip touch dual density grip
  • Choice of competition players
  • ZipGrip trigger finger
The Zipline Blurr 16.0 made of carbon graphite composite material is extremely lightweight and is of durable construction. It is the choice of leading Olympic gold medalist in the world.

It features a powder basket with a custom Velcro strap, with this pole the skiers are all set for their dream day in powder and literally anywhere in the mountain. Its high module carbon fiber module replaces the aluminum of most ski poles and results in a pole that decreases vibration with every pole pant. The pole is also extremely durable and is lightweight.

Ski Poles Graphite Carbon

It features a larger powder basket and is popular with freeskiers and powder skiers. It features a 9mm larger power basket to tackle the fresh powder, that most of the skiers dream about. Its signature trigger finger ZipGrip is built with thermoplastic and it efficiently contours the hand, preventing the gloves from slipping. The Velcro straps of the pole are easily adjustable on the fly.

#2. LEKI Stealth S Ski Pole


LEKI Stealth S Ski Pole At a Glance:
  • Trigger S grip
  • 16 mm Aluminum shaft
  • Cobra basket and powder basket
  • Maximum comfort and security
  • Ski pole with a trigger loop
  • Carbide top for precise planting and grip
The LEKI stealth ski pole is a trendy new school pole design that includes a blacked-out rat rod look. This is a sturdy pole that features a 16 mm shaft. It is of aluminum alloy of high tensile strength. Its trigger S system helps in holding the grab perfectly and works smoother than ever before.

The ski pole offers the benefit of having the ski pole in its perfect position every time. With this ski pole, maximum security and outstanding comfort are guaranteed. It’s patent safety release trigger offers excellent protection against injury.

leki poles

The carbide tip of the ski pole helps in precise pole planting and offers no compromise on the surface grip. It features one tip protector and weighs about ten pounds. Their straps stay on the gloves of the user and when they push and click off the polls the straps stay on the gloves. The best part is that the skier does not feel the strap on their glove.

#3. BLACK DIAMOND Expedition Ski Poles


BLACK DIAMOND Expedition Ski Poles At a Glance:
  • Material: 100% Aluminum
  • Four seasons extended foam grip
  • Aggressive hooking point
  • Easily manipulates bars and buckles
  • Four season strap for ergonomic comfort
  • Dual flick-lock adjustability
  • 100 mm powder baskets
  • Ideal for all types of snow sports
The Black Diamond expedition ski poles are of 100% Aluminum material; these are four-season ski poles with extended foam grips. The ski poles feature aggressive hooking point for manipulating the bars and the buckles. There is an adjusting four-season strap to render ergonomic comfort for the skiers, with or without the gloves. The pole features a dual flick lock adjustability. Its powder baskets help with easy-grip in powder snow and measures about 100 mm or 4 inches in diameter.

Its locks are strong and stable enough for excellent downhill skiing and kids will not have any problem with skiing with them. The poles are shipped in pairs and will come in absolutely best quality. It is possible to remove the baskets when they are not of use. These poles are ideal for backcountry split boarding, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

#4. Scott World Cup Strike Ski Poles


Scott World Cup Strike Ski Poles At a Glance:
  • Aluminum alloy shaft
  • 18mm shaft diameter
  • Notch grip feature
  • Has race basket
  • Features Strike RC strap
  • Thermoplastic rubber grip
The Scott World Cup Strike Ski pole is one of the highest performing ski poles from the brand that offers a number of excellent features and high durability. The product features an S4 Aluminum shaft, a strike RC strap, notch grip, ice tip, and a race basket. This pole an easily become one of the favorite ski gear pieces for this season without much doubt. The shaft material is of Aluminum and the pole features a standard basket type.

The durability of this ski poles is unbeatable and the world’s top racers are using the Scott team Strike poles. They are constructed of the strongest commercial Aluminum which is of aircraft grade. This material is twice as strong than other poles and offers an excellent strength to weight ratio. They feature an 18 mm diameter shaft design and is a durable ski pole with thermoplastic rubber grip. Excellent wrist articulation and proper pole plants are additional advantages of this pole. It features such excellent invocation in its construction to help the skiers at their top performance at the ski mountains.

#5. Volkl Phantastick Kids’ Ski Poles


Volkl Phantastick Kids' Ski Poles At a Glance:
  • Ideal for kids
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum alloy shaft
  • Strong to survive even the worst abuse
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Extremely durable shaft
  • Made of hard plastic with nylon pole strap
  • Color matching baskets
These poles are for little rippers at home when they will be ready for their first set of poles out in the snowy mountains. The Volkl Phantastick kids ski poles are an excellent choice for the little ones. These are extremely lightweight aluminum alloy shaft that is of 14 mm thickness. They are extremely lightweight and makes it easy for the kids to hold on them and use them. The kids will face absolutely no issues with these poles.

It’s aluminum shafts are very much strong enough to survive the majority of the abuse that kids can put them through. Its ergonomic grip is extremely durable and is of hard plastic. The ski pole is extremely comfortable and offers an excellent handle for the little hands to hold on. This standard nylon pole strap ensures that no one can lose their poles. Other features of this pole are aluminum alloy shaft, black ergonomic grip, and color-matched baskets.

How To Select The Best Ski Poles?

Ski Poles

Different types of ski poles that are available

The ski poles can be broadly classified into three different categories as poles for general use, race poles, and power poles.

  • General use poles
  • Race Poles
  • Powder poles

General Use Poles

These poles are generally small and standard baskets that are ideal to use in all the conditions, but they are well suited to use on the groomers and in the moguls. These poles do wonders for recreational skiers, these are well rounded and are most appropriate for a majority of skiers.


Race Poles

These poles feature an asymmetrical design and shields to protect the hands of the races from race gates. They look cool, but are generally expensive and are not necessary for an average recreational skier.

Powder Poles

These poles are of lighter weight materials such as carbon fiber, they are excellent for backcountry touring and have large baskets to facilitate floatation even in loose powder snow. If general poles or race poles are taken into the powder, they will sink and can cause injury to the hand or throw the skier off the balance.


Best FAQs About Ski Poles

What poles are ideal for professionals?

Most of the pros in skiing and skiing instructors make use of the ordinary gear, but we think that they use top of the line poles. When one is skiing for days together and stays in the wild for a long time, there are all chances for the poles to break, get stolen and even get lost. And nobody affords to lose a costly gear.

Cheap ski poles are also generally fine if they are of the correct length and of the right style for the skiing preferences. In fact, it is possible to get super cheap ski poles by visiting the garage sale store at the local ski mountain in the spring season.

Are powder baskets better than regular baskets?

The basket at the end of the poles defines the functions of the pole. Too small baskets will lead the pole to sink in the powder. Too large baskets will get hung up and drag around the groomers. The best suggestion would be using a short pair of poles with regular baskets unless heading for skiing into several feet of fresh powder.

Irrespective of the type of the bow, skiers should be careful not to plunge their poles into deep snow as it can send them off the balance easily.

What are self-releasing safety straps?

Safety straps work similar to ski bindings and can release under certain pressure. The safety straps are meant to be used on the groomers where they help with retention and placement. One danger of using the safety strap is that, if the poles get stuck, the skier gets stuck as well. Therefore, it is good to remove the safety straps while riding lifts and while skiing off-trail through the bush. Though the safety strap doesn’t guarantee safety, it can very well avoid the worst scenarios.

What is the best material for ski poles? Aluminum, carbon or fiberglass?

Aluminum is lightweight, cheap and has the capability to bend back into its shape. Many skiers generally bend and straighten their poles a number of times before they snap. Fiberglass poles are even cheaper but are heavier. Fiberglass can best a little before it breaks, but once it breaks there is little chance of repairing it. But fiberglass poles are little heavy though. Poles that are of carbon fiber is also lightweight but is costly. It is also stiff and is prone to breaking under lateral pressure.


Best Ski Poles

The Best Ski Poles Buying Guide

  • Ski Pole Shaft Materials
  • Weight of the ski pole
  • Telescoping
  • Grips of the pole
  • Straps of the ski pole
  • Standard baskets
  • Length of the pole

Ski Pole Shaft Materials:

The ski poles are general of Aluminum, carbon or fiberglass material. Aluminum poles are cheap, durable and can withstand bending and lateral pressure, but the poles of this material tend to be little heavy on the skier. The high-performance ski poles are of Carbon Fiber material that favors a lightweight construction. Carbon fiber is a natural flex under light pressure but this material cannot bend under pressure. Fiberglass is the least common material that is used in the construction of the ski poles. They have an extremely low level of durability and have the tendency to flex. The best material for ski poles seems to be hybrid fiberglass and aluminum designs that help in reducing weight significantly without compromising on the durability.


Weight of The Ski Pole:

The weight of the ski pole is very much important for backcountry skiers but resort skiers can appreciate their lighter feel. The weight of the ski pole correlates with the type of the material of the ski pole. The user should not assume a carbon pole that always stays as a lighter option. The thickness of the pole also plays a major role in the efficiency of skiing. Of the three types of ski poles, carbon poles have a wider diameter.

Poles with a narrow construction of any material will be less durable and will have a lower stress tolerance and as a result, it is good to find a light pole that is available. Balancing the weight and durability of the ski pole is the key to purchasing the best ski pole.



Adjusting ski poles are best to use while ski touring. Skiers will use a shorter length pole for uphill and longer poles for downhill and flat sections. Using a pole of fixed length may require some modifications to allow for ski poles at various lengths. The disadvantage of the telescoping pole is that the clamp will not hold and it can collapse when it plants. It is thus important to choose a pole from a reputed brand with excellent locking mechanism. Skiers have to ensure that the clamps are tightened properly before heading out.


Grips of The Pole:

There are a variety of ski pole shapes and material and choosing the best ski pole grip is a matter of personal preference and how the grip fits in the gloved hands. Some of the common grip materials are rubber and plastic because they don’t absorb moisture. Rubber is the most comfortable grip material and has dual-density foam inside for enhanced hand comfort. Women’s specific ski poles have small-diameter grips that means that women should assume a women’s model. Some of the high-end models feature grip extensions, which is a common feature of the backcountry poles.


Straps of The Ski Pole:

The straps help in keeping the poles wrapped around the hands. They are of basic nylon webbing and it should be wide enough for the ski gloves. It is good to choose a ski pole that is easily adjustable such as an old webbing style strap. Some of the high-end straps have padding that is relevant for downhill racers and those who wear thin gloves.


Standard Baskets:

All of the ski poles have circular baskets that connect near the bottom to keep a pole from sinking deep into the snow. These plastic or aluminum baskets are available in different circumference and can be of powder and standard categories. Powder baskets have a better surface area to keep the poles from sinking as far into the snow. The circumference ranges between brands and ranges and is of 3.5-4 inches.


Length of The Pole:

It is important to choose a ski pole that is of proper length for one’s height and skiing style. A ski pole that is neither too short or too long will impact the ability of the skier in their smooth transition during turns. It can also knock them off balance. Users can check the correct height of the ski pole for one’s weight by checking the online charts. It is possible to get the measurements by using simple measuring tapes as well.


Final Words

Hiking at the snow park or at the hill slopes and racing on it all require one’s own type of ski poles. The ski pole will allow the skier to climb and make their turns in the snow with excellent stability. Choosing the right ski pole that appeals to one’s size and the type of ride is important to enjoy a full day of skiing. We hope our list of top best ski poles and the buying guide will help in choosing the best ski pole for seamless skiing experience.

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