The 6 Best Sleeping Bags For Kids of 2024


The one thing that makes our camping trip more successful is a wonderful night’s sleep in the warm and a comfy sleeping bag. Waking up after a good night’s sleep in the morning and getting set for the day’s activities is the ultimate aim of the backpacking trips. A good night’s sleep is especially important for children who can get irritated and restless if proper sleep is not on their cards. The sleeping bags for kids will help them keep comfortable and warm during cold nights in the outdoor environment.

The sleeping bags for kids will also give them tremendous fun when they are sleeping. A comfortable and quality sleeping bag will ensure them a good night sleep and prepare them for the activities the next day. There are some qualities of a comfortable, high quality and affordable sleeping bag for kids which we will cover in our review section. We have also listed the best sleeping bags for kids here to help our readers pick the best-fit kids sleeping bag.


The 6 Best Sleeping Bags For Kids – [2024]

  1. TETON Sports Celsius Junior Kids Sleeping Bag
  2. Kelty Woobie 30 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag
  3. FARLAND Sleeping Bags for Adults Teens
  4. REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag for kids
  5. Coleman Youth Mummy 30 Degree Sleeping Bag
  6. CANWAY Sleeping Bag for kids

Best Sleeping Bags For Kids

Best Sleeping Bags For Kids Reviews

#1. TETON Sports Celsius Junior Kids Sleeping Bag

Features At a Glance:

  • Includes stuff sack
  • Accessible inside pocket
  • The outer shell is of taffeta material
  • Features full-length zipper draft tubes
  • Convenient inside pockets
  • Two-way zipper with metal pulls
  • Features loops for long term storage
  • Perfect for car and cabin camping
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Teton sports Celsius junior kids sleeping bag keeps the child comfortable in both the indoor and the outdoor environment. The outer shell of the bag is of taffeta material which is durable, easy to pack and is excellent for sleepovers and campouts. Teton sports offers a durable stuff sack for stuffing the sleeping bag of the kid. The bag has been built with the child in mind and its full-length zipper draft tubes hold the warm air in and help them to survive the cold nights. There are convenient inside pockets in the bag to store snacks and even flashlight.

TETON Sports Celsius Junior Kids Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag features a sturdy and no sag two-way zipper with metal pulls. It has a single layer construction to ensure that the bag doesn’t shift. By fluffing the sleeping bag with the camp pad the child can benefit from a warm night sleeps. There are also loops for long term storage and to maintain the maximum loft in the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is perfect for both car and cabin camping, for sleepovers and backyard excursions. Its curved hood serves as a warm pillow for the head. Teton sports comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

#2. Kelty Woobie 30 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag

Features At a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 54 x 25 x 2 inches
  • Recommended for ages up to 6 years
  • Cloud loft insulation
  • Total weight is one kg
  • Fits kids up to 4 feet and 6 inches
  • Warm and comfortable sleeping bag
  • Better not to use fumes and solvents for cleaning

The Kelty Woobie 30 degree kids sleeping bag is designed to keep the toddler warm during their overnight adventures. The woobie is the perfect starter bag for small children during their backpacking trips. It features an excellent sidewall construction and a flip down the top panel to ensure a comfortable sleep to wiggle around all day long. Stuff sack comes with the sleeping bag and is ideal for children up to 6 years old. The sleeping bag is warm, comfortable and is of good quality material. Some families use the sleeping bed for their accompanying pets as well.

Kelty Woobie 30 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag

The temperature recommendation of the sleeping bag is about 30 degrees and is warm and fluffy to protect the child from cold winter nights. It is better not to clean the sleeping bag by self as the solvents and fumes used in cleaning may be retained and if inhaled by the child it could cause allergic reaction, skin irritation and even serious physical injury. The best way to wash it with the help of heavy duty and commercial washer and by using a mild detergent.

#3. FARLAND Sleeping Bags for Adults Teens

Features At a Glance:

  • Temperature rating is: -20 F
  • Filling material is 400 GSM
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Ideal for hiking, trekking, and outdoor camping
  • Roll control design to make folding easy and quick
  • Waterproof and weather resistant design
  • Double filled technology to prevent dampness
  • Outer cover material: polyester fiber
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The Farland sleeping bags for child and teen is capable of withstanding temperatures up to -20F and it’s filling material is 400 GSM. The sleeping bags ensure a good night sleep for the child after a tiring day of hiking, trekking, and other exploration activities. Its roll control design ensures quick and easy folding of the sleeping bag. The bags feature a weather resistant and waterproof design to keep the users warm even during extreme weather conditions. Its double filled technology prevents the child from any impending dampness.

FARLAND Sleeping BagsThe bag is available in two different shapes, namely, envelope shape sleeping bag and mummy shaped sleeping bag. Both of them have impressive dimensions to fit most of the campers who are in the height range of up to five feet and 11 inches tall. The outer cover material of the sleeping pad is Nylon which is of waterproof material with breathable fabrics. The lining material is polyester and the fill material is polyester fiber. All these materials render the bag its inherent property to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is the best sleeping bag for adventures and features a risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

#4. REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag for kids

Features At a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 15 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Ultra weight bag which is easy to pack
  • Roomy and comfortable sleeping bag
  • Available in different colors for the entire family
  • High-quality materials and construction that is built to last
  • 100% money back guarantee

The Revalcamp sleeping bag for kids is extremely roomy and comfortable and can accommodate an adult or child who is under 6.1” tall. The sleeping bag is extremely comfortable to get out and in and to turn around for a comfortable position all through the night. Its zippers are closed and it’s plush filling helps the child to sleep comfortably all through the day. The sleeping bags pack snow into an ultra-compact unit is just a few seconds. There is absolutely no need to fold or roll it, it will instantly transform into a two-pound package in seconds.

REVALCAMP Sleeping BagThey have an amazing dimension and are extremely roomy and comfortable for both adults and child. The sleeping bag is available in different colors and designs for the entire family. It is possible to unzip two bags to create one large double sleeping bag. It is made of high-quality material and good construction and is built to stand for years with real-time use. Its zippers are tested rigorously and its seams are reinforced. Its manufactures stand behind the excellent craftsmanship of these sleeping bags and the product comes with 100% money back guarantee.

#5. Coleman Youth Mummy 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

Features At a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 8 x 8.7 x 8.7 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Reflective logos and cool graphics on the sleeping bag
  • Adjusts kids up to 6 years of age
  • Adapts height of kids up to 5 feet
  • Bag provides comfort in temperatures as low as 30F
  • Cole-therms insulation offers extreme heat retention
  • Helps the child with comfortable speed during cold nights

It is a lightweight sleeping bag for kids up to 6 years of age and is older up to the height of 5 feet. The sleeping bag provides comfort in temperatures that are as low as 30 F. the sleeping bag features a mummy style design that surrounds the head for additional warmth. Its hollow polyester cole-therm insulation helps with extreme heat retention and is thus ideal for cold nights to help the child have a comfortable sleep. Its adjustable hood allows personalizing warmth and ventilation for the user.

Coleman Youth Mummy 30 Degree Sleeping BagThis sleeping unit offers kids bling with reflective logos and cool graphics and also keeps them warm during the good night’s sleep. The bag features only one zipper and it goes down about half way on the side. It is colorful and does not have any pad loops to attach with the sleeping bag. Users can pair the sleeping bag with other products from Coleman such as coolers, tents and other camping tools for an excellent outdoor experience.

#6. CANWAY Sleeping Bag for kids

Features At a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 10.2 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Velcro securing strap
  • Easy carrying
  • Amazing dimensions for comfortably moving during sleep
  • Bottom zipper Possible to free the feet
  • Lifetime guarantee

The can way sleeping bag for kids is comfortable and skin friendly and is of 230 T polyester surface material. It uses hollow cotton as a filler and the sleeping bag is soft, comfortable, waterproof and skin friendly. It helps in getting the person off a tiring day from camping, travel and hiking activities. The bag features an amazing dimension and ensures that the child moves comfortably in it. There is a zipper with separating bottom that allows the user to stick their feet if required. The sleeping bag is lightweight and is convenient for all the adventures.

CANWAY Sleeping Bag
It is capable of maintaining temperature up to 2 F and helps the user to stay warm and cozy even at extremely cold temperatures. The two-way zipper with zipper guard prevents stuck hooks effectively. It has a convenient two side zipper to allow for easy closure when the person is lying inside. It is possible to zip two sleeping bags together to yield a double sleeping bag. The product has a lifetime guarantee from its manufacturers.

Buyer’s Guide

Sleeping Bag

What to consider while choosing the sleeping bag for kids?

The requirements of children are totally different when compared to adults. The attire and camping accessories for children needs to be different as well and of high quality to keep them comfortable all through the trip. By bringing them the right accessories, we can ensure that kids have the maximum fun in the camping trip and would get involved in such activities with complete involvement.

  • Bags that adapt to the growing kids
  • Style of the sleeping bag
  • Sleeping bags of insulation materials
  • Temperature ratings
  • Other additional features


Bags That Adapt to The Growing Kids:

Kids grow out of the proportion in their growing years and they have the tendency to grow out of stuff pretty easily. Sleeping bags are no exception and a good sleeping bag can be an expensive investment for kids to grow out of it easily. The good option is to reuse the sleeping bag for siblings or friends. The second option is to buy a sleeping bag that is several times larger. Though it is less ideal than a perfectly fitting sleeping bag, it is a far better option that kids outgrowing it after a couple of years. Buying or selling a used sleeping bag does not appeal to everybody even with a good amount of washing.


Style of The Sleeping Bag:

There are two main styles of kids sleeping bags available. One of them is for recreational use and the other is for camping and hiking use. The two styles of sleeping bags are,

  1. Square sleeping bags: This types of sleeping bags are in rectangular shapes and does not have any way to close around the neck and the torso at the top. They do not offer any head protection or warmth as well. They, however, have the ability to unzip completely into a large and flat comforter.
  2. Mummy sleeping bags: This style of sleeping bags is tightly cut to the body. They hug the body closely and usually unzip only partially. They clinch around the neck and around the head to completely enclose the entire body except for the face.

The choice between the two bags depends on the child’s preference. If the child is heading for a backpacking or hiking experience, then the mummy bag is the best. For general campsite outings and for heading for a sleepover, the square bag is the best. Square bags are easier and cheaper to use and also they are roomy and accommodate wiggly sleepers.


Sleeping Bags of Insulation Materials:

It is important to buy a sleeping bag with good insulation materials so as to protect the child from cold nights. The most common sleeping bag insulation materials are,

  1. Cotton: This is the cheapest and technically inferior sleeping bag insulation. These bags perform poorly when wet and can be quite bulky and heavy as well. They are cheap to buy and could be slightly heavier as well.
  2. Synthetic insulation: A different combination of materials can be used in synthetic insulation. These are all manmade fibers with great properties and are affordable compared with down insulation. They retain their insulation values when they are wet and are way lighter than cotton and not as light as down. They pack down pretty smaller compared with cotton insulation bags.
  3. Down insulation: This type of insulation is lighter, more compressible and are efficient than other types of sleeping bags insulation. But when they become wet, they become practically useless. The down features lose their insulation and loft value when they get wet and result in hypothermia.

Thus, synthetic and cotton makes are most ideal for children in the majority of situations. Down insulation is not ideal for children as they cannot take care of it very well. If such bags get wet, it becomes a total waste. Also, they are expensive and most of the kids are likely to outgrow the bags in a few years.


Temperature Ratings:

The temperature rating is one of the critical factors of sleeping bags for kids. The temperature rating need not be very critical when it comes to kid’s bags as most of the times they use them on the floors of their friend’s house. But when the sleeping bags are of use in outdoor camping environments, then parents have to pay close attention to its temperature ratings.


Other Additional Features:

The comfort factor of the kids sleeping bags is an important factor to consider while making a purchase. While choosing the material for the lining, shell and the fill parents should also ensure that the sleeping bag is comfortable against the skin of their baby. Also, the sleeping bag should be easy to clean. The outer material should be easy to wipe with a damp cloth when it gets dirty. Above all the durability of the bag should be considered while buying the product. The outer shell material should be of ripstop nylon and polyester so that it can repel water and moisture.



It could be hard to pick the best sleeping bags for kids for they outgrow them easily, destroy them simply and their needs also vary extensively. Parents have to narrow down on how the bag will be used so as to choose the right bag for them.  We have brought about a variety of sleeping bags for kids that vary in size, shape, and temperature and we hope our guide helps our readers in choosing the best sleeping bags for their children.

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