The 5 Best Truck Tool Boxes of 2024


Best Truck Tool Boxes

If you are a truck owner and use it as a pick-up vehicle, then there are two things that you should not leave your house without, your truck keys and your toolbox. But should you be carrying your toolbox every time you go out in the truck? You would rather prefer to have a specific room in the cab for the toolbox.

This also prevents tossing the tools in the bed and prevents them from sliding all day. Also, it protects the costly tools from the eyes of the thieves.

With the help of a truck toolbox, you get to offer a stationary and a sturdy place for your tools and other accessories. You also store them conveniently in the truck bed within a locking and weatherproof case.

You can drive and park your truck safely with complete peace of mind. If you have made your mind to buy the best toolboxes for your truck, here are the top best tool boxes for you, along with our expert buying guide.


Best Truck Tool Boxes

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Truck Tool Boxes – [2024]

  1. Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box
  2. TruXedo TonneauMate Toolbox
  3. Montezuma – ME300B Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox
  4. Weather Guard 117502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box
  5. Dee Zee DZ8537B 37″ Red Label Utility Chest

Best Truck Tool Boxes Reviews

#1. Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box


Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box At a Glance:
  • Locking storage solution
  • Opens up for easy access
  • Load capacity is 75 pounds
  • Bed size is 5-8 inches
  • One-year warranty
  • Features single point twist lock
  • It can also stand upright
This tool storage box can be a valuable addition to store all the tools, trailer accessories, sporting goods, and jumper cables for in your truck bed. It is compatible with almost all the bed covers and is also simple to install. The box is also accessible and it’s thus the ultimate cargo storage solution.

The swing case is removable, portable and is only swinging utility case for trucks available in the market. It features a quick-release latch system and makes it swing 180 degrees towards the tailgate and swing back to the locking position for maximum bed access.

The toolbox is from durable ABS material and is sturdy and lightweight. the box can also hold up to 75 lbs. of cargo. It features a removing sliding tool tray inside and features cup holders at the top of the lid.

It is thus a perfect tailgating accessory and installs at the side of the truck bed within minutes through its self-tapping screws. You can also remove the box for complete bed access. You can lock the box to access the bed completely.

#2. TruXedo TonneauMate Toolbox


TruXedo TonneauMate Toolbox At a Glance:
  • Versatile design
  • Great mounting box
  • Capacity to support heavy loads
  • Made of heavy-duty material
  • Unique mounting design
  • Elevates the box off the floor
  • Complete use of truck bed
  • Secure toolbox
This truck toolbox features a versatile design and features the capacity to support huge loads. It is made of high quality and a heavy-duty material, that features a unique and adjusting mounting design.

It is capable of elevating the box off the floor and thus allows for complete usage of the truck’s bed floor. The toolbox also facilitates a flexible positioning on the truck bed.

This is indeed a one size fits all truck toolbox and does not require any additional claps and hardware kits for installation. It can easily mount under the truck bed cover for additional security.

It works great with a deuce and other truck bed covers. Being locking storage with a durable construction, it has been built to last. It is a universal toolbox that can exceptionally fit most of the full-size trucks.

#3. Montezuma – ME300B Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox


Montezuma – ME300B Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox At a Glance:
  • Durable storage chest for tools
  • Helps in keeping tools organized
  • Heavy-duty steel toolbox
  • Features gas springs for easy access
  • Resistance to weather
  • Steel construction with welded seams
  • Helps in efficient tool environment
This is a triangular-shaped and portable storage chest box for truck owners who want durability, reliability in keeping their valuable tools safe. It helps in keeping the tools organized and being a portable chest for tools, it makes use of a multi-tire design. Thus you will be able to see the tools at a glance and also access them easily.

This also helps in keeping the tools organized in the box. As this toolbox comprises of gas springs for easy access, you can raise the lid and the socket tray after unlatching, for easy tool access and storage.

This toolbox from Montezuma is weather resistant and can withstand elements easily. There is also a water-resistant seal on the lid to protect the tools and the valuables from dust and moisture. The box is 16.

GA steel construction with welded seams, but there is no spot of welding in its design. Its lid helps in securing the tools in their position, even when you use it on grumpy roads. Its efficient tool arrangement helps you with easy access to tools as well.

#4. Weather Guard 117502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box


Weather Guard 117502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box At a Glance:
  • Extreme protection with locks
  • 90-degree cover opening for efficient access
  • Level storage
  • 12V access for electrical up-fits
  • Black Armor-tuf powder coat finish
The Black Aluminum saddle box is an efficient storage box for the tools that can occupy the truck bed efficiently. It offers excellent protection for the tools and has a 90-degree cover opening, to access the tools easily.

The box features level storage and has a 12V access for electrical tools. This box has a black Armor-Tuf powder coat finish for durability and resistance.

These boxes are some of the toughest in the market and they have weather resistance as well. The saddle box can suspend from the side rails of the pickup truck, thus allowing for ample space underneath.

As these boxes comprise aluminum and steel cross boxes, they have an all-weather guard and they also have tough features to keep the tools safe and secure.

#5. Dee Zee DZ8537B 37″ Red Label Utility Chest


Dee Zee DZ8537B 37
  • Material: Brite-thread Aluminum
  • Black gloss powder coat
  • Stainless steel paddle
  • Resists elements from getting inside the box
  • Crowned lid with hidden hinge
  • Internal bends with the three-piece body
The Dee Zee box is constructed from a heavy-duty Brite tread aluminum material. The box also features a gloss black finish and thus helps in protecting against oxidation.

It features a crown-style lid with a full pan double V-stiffener for complete and superior rigidity. The box comprises of a contractor grade stainless steel paddle handle latch and resists external elements efficiently.

The other features of this utility chest include a stainless steel paddle handle, gas shocks for dampening sound, close cell foam gasket, and excellent self-adjusting strikers. There is also a small plastic tool tray to help keep small items and tools organized within the chest.

Buying Guide For Best Truck Tool Boxes

Best Truck Tool Box

Types of Truck Toolboxes

There are many different types of toolboxes available based on their mounting style and orientation. They can change from one manufacturer to another and there is no one industry standard that all adhere to.

  • Top mounting truck toolboxes
  • Cross bed mounting toolboxes
  • Side mounting truck toolboxes
  • Specialty toolboxes

Top Mounting Truck Toolboxes:

These types of toolboxes are common in plumbing trucks, welding trucks, and even in utility service trucks. They are found as separate and specific compartments that mount above the bed rails.

They also have doors for storing tools, in a cabinet style. This style of tools boxes comes handy when you use your truck often and require ample space to board utilities.

Cross Bed Mounting Toolboxes:

These are the best and the standard truck bed tool boxes that sit across the bed right behind the cab. These tools boxes are available widely and practically any of the trucks can have them installed. They are widely available, easy to find, and are inexpensive.

Side Mounting Truck Toolboxes:

These rails run along the bed rails. They are easier to access than the cross bed toolboxes. They sit flat and the tools also lay flat inside them they are affordable and are easy to buy as well.

Specialty Toolboxes:

You can also choose between different toolboxes that can fit the personal truck bed. You can store these toolboxes in unlikely places and they work specifically for the truck. They also include standalone chest and can mount to store additional tools behind the wheel wells too.


Why Should You Use a Truck Toolbox – Advantages:

There are ample benefits of using a toolbox for the truck. Some of its inherent benefits are as follows,

  • Additional storage
  • Organizations
  • Protection
  • Security

Additional Storage:

The truck tool boxes render ample storage space for all types of tools to encounter any unexpected trouble with the truck. These boxes offer ample space to transport all the tools and organize them too without occupying much space in the bed of the truck.


These boxes help to keep the tools extremely organized at all times. as they have the design as that of large tool chests they help in keeping the tools exceptionally organized. Some of the features of these toolboxes include trays, drawers, straps, etc, to hold specific tools neatly.

Also, these boxes do not bounce and end up in a pile when you are driving through a tough road. Thus, getting a truck toolbox is the best way to ensure that the tools stay where they are supposed to be, no matter how the roads are like.


The majority of these truck tool boxes come with seals and durable coatings and thus prevents the tools on the inside from getting damaged and rusted with water. Also, all of them come with special coatings on their inner surface to prevent rusting. Thus, these boxes render the best protection against harsh weather and UV rays too.


Tools are costly and you cannot afford to get them stolen when the truck lies idle. The truck tool boxes come with locks that open only with the matching keys so that the tools will stay in their box. No one will be able to open the box and access the tools without permission.


Things To Consider Before Choosing To Buy The Truck Toolboxes

Best Truck Tool Box

A truck’s toolbox can be a great investment and a protective element to stock your tools properly. Having a locking toolbox also helps in preventing theft of the tools in parking and when the truck is left idle. There are some important considerations to make while choosing to buy the truck tool boxes and those are as follows,

  • Size of the tool chest
  • Accessibility to the tools
  • The material of the toolbox
  • Choosing the box according to the size of the truck bed
  • The capacity of the cargo
  • Weatherproof protection
  • Locks
  • Lid lift

Size of The Tool Chest:

It is mandatory to know the size of the tool chest that you would want for the truck, as it should be able to fit all the tools in and should also have some additional space for new tools in the future. No matter the size and the shape of the toolbox that you choose, consider the number of tools you have to accommodate and accordingly choose the size of the tool chest. You should also consider the size of the tool chest according to space in your truck bed.

Accessibility To The Tools:

Choose a tool chest that is easily accessible as you mustn’t waste your time trying to get the tools out of the chest when you are in the middle of the work. You can also consider how often you will require tools from the chest and then choose the box that accommodates this need.

The Material of The Toolbox:

Generally, toolboxes can be of the following materials,

  • Aluminum: Toolboxes that are of Aluminum are very common, as they are attractive, affordable and also have a higher strength to weight ratio. Also, Aluminum toolboxes will not rust and do not deteriorate over time. Also, they generally have a diamond plate pattern at their top for a stunning design and look.
  • Steel boxes: These are less common than Aluminum, as they are heavier and they are more durable than aluminum. Steel is rusting and thus these toolboxes feature a powder coating finish to protect from rusting if at all they get wet. Stainless steel boxes are rigid and tough and are also very expensive.

Choosing The Box According To The Size of The Truck Bed:

It is important to choose a toolbox that is of the right size as that of the truck bed. It is mandatory to measure the size of the truck bed, to see if the truck toolbox will fit in it. Measure the height of the bed wall and the distance between the outside of the bed rails. You should also know the distance between the base of the wheel well and the bulkhead as well.

The Capacity of The cargo:

Choose the toolbox according to the capacity of the cargo you will carry. If you are carrying larger power tools and other big cargo on the road, then you might want a larger box. But if you want easier access to small tools and hardware, then you can choose to install a smaller box.

Weatherproof Protection:

The ultimate aim of a toolbox, apart from keeping the tools organized, is protection. Apart from theft protection, the best protection that a toolbox can render is protection from bad weather.

Choose a box that has weather-resistant protection such as quality exteriors and a proper weather seal around the seams of the box. The best boxes can help the tools protected from rain and also survive a few knocks from rust and hail.


Protection against theft is an important component of the truck bed as there is no security for the tools from enclosed cargo spaces, like the trunks. Choose a high-quality toolbox with a credible lock to deter casual thieves from stealing the contents of the toolbox.

Lid Lift:

If you are someone who requires frequent access to the toolbox, then you should invest in one with a high-quality lid. Apart from weather and theft resistance, the lid needs to open and close smoothly. Lids with a good gas lift, support the lid with the smooth operation since they can take the weight of the lid and also control movements while opening and closing it.


FAQs For The Best Truck Tool boxes:

How should I install a toolbox in my truck?

To install the toolbox in the truck, check the instructions of the manufacturer, and determine the best place in the bed to install the toolbox. Also, make sure you can open the lid of the toolbox easily before completing the installation process.

What can I store in my toolbox?

Tools! You can also use it to store small items, which you do not want to expose in the truck bed.

Which style of the toolbox is the best?

This depends on the quantum of tools you want to store and how much access you will require in the box. Saddle boxes are easy to access from the top of the best. But chest boxes offer the best storage for the truck bed.


Final Words:

With a specific toolbox, you can have a stationary and a sturdy place for your tools, gear, and other essentials to stay safe in the bed of your truck. We hope our product recommendation and our buying guide will help you find the best toolboxes for your truck bed.


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