How to Dress for Cycling in winter: Stay Safe and Look Good


For all the riders, cycling is the one thing that brings out the joy in them. And for cycling, there is not bad timing or weather. Winter can be a fun season to go for riding because roads and trails are quieter, it’s beautiful to see the light snow, and it will be a totally different ride. All you have to take care of is THE CLOTHING. This is something which can make or break your winter rides. Of course, you don’t want to shiver inside because then you will not be able to enjoy the ride fully.

So here is a guide telling you everything about the clothing tricks that you should adopt if you are planning to go for a ride. It will not only keep you safe but will let you look good too. Because going by the old saying, there’s nothing called as bad weather, it is just bad clothing. Let’s go:


How to Dress for Cycling in winter

  1. Layer Up
  2. Base Layer
  3. Winter Jackets
  4. Head Warmers
  5. Gloves
  6. Lower Warmers
  7. Winter Shoes
  8. Final Words:

Layer Up

Layering up in the winter is not a science and not new. We have been doing it for an unknown time. This will work here perfectly. Always think of wearing multiple layers, so your clothes can make a balance between the atmosphere outside and inside. Dress according to the weather because if it is windy and wet outside then the layers will protect you but if it is warm outside then you are going to get boiled.


Base Layer

Base layers are the absolute necessity to keep you warm. Above that, you can put other things like a short-sleeved jersey as a mid-layer plus arm-warmers, gloves, a winter cap, with a waterproof winter jacket with pockets. A base layer will not only keep you warm but will also remove any sweat to keep you dry and safe.  You can purchase it in a range of materials, fabrics or designs.


Winter Jackets

Obviously, you cannot forget to pull off a winter jacket when going out for cycling in winter. The best thing to do is wear a jacket which is waterproof. It will not only protect you from cold but will not let water enter inside. Always go for breathable material so the sweat your body is producing while you are cycling can come out. Because if it stays inside it is going to get cold and will let you feel the cold. Search for features like taped seams, pockets and zipped vents.  It will help you keep your phone and other important belongings with you.


Head Warmers

At the time of cycling, keeping your head warm and dry is a wise thing to do. No matter what kind of winter cap you go with, the moto should be same- to keep the head safe from winter. Also after wearing the cap, try to wear your helmet to check if it fits you perfectly or not. If not then try changing your cap or helmet.



Once you are out for cycling, the first thing which is going to feel the freeze will be your fingers. It will make you miserable and you will end up spoiling your ride. So always choose some good winter gloves for cycling. Apart from that, you can get several kinds of mittens in the market which is best to keep your fingers warm, dry and happy.  Some of them will work with your smartphones and cameras too so you don’t have to take off your mittens every time you are scrolling your smartphone.


Lower Warmers

Once your top is covered, now it’s time to focus on the lower part. This varies based on what kind of rider are you? For example, if you’re a road rider then you can go with bib tights, leg warmers over your regular bib shorts. If you’re a commuter then getting waterproof trousers would really help you. And if you’re a mountain biker, you have to have shorts or tights.


Winter Shoes

When you are out cycling, your feet and legs are doing most of the work. So making them cozy is an absolute must. Wear winter socks and shoes to keep your feet and legs safe. This is a myth that a particular design will keep you dry and safe. No matter what materials and design you are taking, if you are a road rider then eventually, your feet will get wet. So always go with winter shoes and socks.


Final Words:

Like earlier said, it is all about the clothing which can make your experience better or worst. So, all you have to do is put some effort into the shopping for winter gears and it will pay off. So go out and purchase a suitable winter gear to start your winter cycling.



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