How To Kayak With A Dog


Kayak with A Dog

Dogs were generally meant for taking a run or walk, to play and for some fun activity. Some dog lovers get a step further and perform some higher level activities with their dog such as fitness training. But do you know that your dog can actually accompany you in the waters for your kayak trip? Indeed, most dogs love and enjoy the water.

kayaking is an excellent workout for the arms, back and the entire body also with we allow the dog to enjoy his swim in the waters, it would be an excellent cross training workout for him and also helps in cooling them off. Even if the dog doesn’t like water he would enjoy the sights and the smell of a different arena. Let us discuss how to kayak with your dog if your dog would love the idea of getting on a kayak trip with you.

Accessories To Stock For Kayaking With A Dog:

Among the hundredths of things to be brought when bringing the dog for the kayak trip, we would lineate on a few essentials that are most important.

  1. Personal floatation device for a dog: Dogs just like humans can drown as well, irrespective how good they are at swimming. It is good to ensure that the dog wears a PFD or a life jacket before hitting the waters.
  1. Collars and Harness: It is important to wear collars and harness to pull the dog back on board in case it falls in the water. Though it may sound simple, the little trick comes handy in unexpected situations.
  1. Leash: when the dog and the owner are on dry land, the leash helps in tying the dog. Never tie the dog to the boat. Though it may seem to be a good idea of keeping them close, if the kayak flips and the user is not able to untie the dog quickly, it might lead to untoward consequences.
  1. Sunscreen creams: Dogs are equally susceptible to sunburns just like humans. Though they are covered by fur, their nose and bellies are exposed to the sun. The skin in these portions is susceptible to the sun rays, reflecting from the water. Pet sunblocks are available in the market and are a must to carry when kayaking with a dog.
  1. Water and food: For those kayaking with a dog for a long time period, water and food are absolutely essential. It is better to feed the pet in its own bowl to make it feel better.
  1. Treats: The dog’s favorite food can be given as a treat for reinforcing good behavior and to train the dog in general.


Training The Dog For Kayak:

Bringing the dog with you on a kayak trip is the best way to spend the afternoon in the waters. They will give good company on the trip and it is also fun to watch their tongues hanging out and their eyes darting from side to side on their new endeavors. They need a little bit of training and pre-preparation to help them enjoy the waters. The following are the ways to train them and get them introduced to the waters.

  • Know if your dog like the waters
  • Introducing the dog to the kayak
  • Training the dog
  • Launching the kayak with the dog


Know If  Your Dog Like The Waters:

Where the dog is to take for the kayak trip or not depends on the dog. Some dogs enjoy the water whereas others don’t. If you are not sure how good the dog likes the water, take it to the beach and watch its reaction. Expose the puppy to water at a young age to help it take the waters better and easy.


Introducing The Dog To The Kayak:

If the dog likes water, then it is good to accustom him to the kayak before launching it in the waters. He can climb abroad, sniff the boat and even lay inside it. As the kayak seems less scary in the dry land, it will be easier for him to adjust with it in water. launch the kayak it waters slowly, paddle along shallow waters before heading to the middle of the lake.


Training The Dog:

It is not a good idea to take a dog with abundant energy or a penchant for quick movements to take on a boat without training. We have to ensure if the dog really likes water and if he takes up commands perfectly. If the dog does not sit or stay on command during stressful situations, then he is not kayak ready yet. There are a lot of tempting things that happen on the boat for the dog. New smells, wildlife, other dogs and paddlers, fish in the water, bird on the shore, etc. Train the dog on a strong leave it commands to avoid his distractions on such unwanted stimuli.


Launching The Kayak With The Dog:

Given that the dog likes the water and is comfortable with the kayak, combining the two takes some tries. The dog may not like the feeling of floating initially when the kayak hits the water. It is thus important to reassure him on every step of the way in the water. Before launching, the kayak should be taken as close to the water, but still sitting on solid ground. The next step is to coax the canine to climb in and lie down. Then the owner has to use the paddle to push off the shore. Do not push the dog into the water even if he wants to in the first trip. The presence of the owner is also reassuring for the pet.


Some useful tips for kayaking with the pet dog:

1. On The Kayak: The dog takes his cues from the human. So, the kayaker has to stay calm and cool to reassure the dog.

  • If the dog like to swim, let him paddle around on his own before getting into the kayak.
  • Once on the water, take a few moments to float to get the dog acclimated.
  • Pet the dog and talk to him, be as casual as possible.
  • Allow the dog to sit or lie down in different positions.
  • Ensure that both you and the dog are comfortable before heading towards deep waters.
  • When kayaking with a dog, stick on to open and calm waters.
  • Do not kayak with a dog on whitewater rapids and open ocean fishing.
  • If the dog wants to swim, let him avoid the risk of capsizing from an excited dog.
  • Make sure the dog is wearing a PFD before jumping into the water.
  • Bring lots of treats for the pet for a successful water journey.

2. Make Frequent Stops: kayaking offers a good upper body workout for the paddler, but there is not much activity for the dog. It is important to give him nice shore time between kayaking. Keep a bowl of fresh water on land to drink for the dog, especially when kayaking in salt waters.

3. Preparing The Boat: If the bottom of the boat is slippery, attach a textured tape for the pet. No-slip bathtub liners can come to use for helping the pet to get in and out of the kayak easily. Keep the balance of the boat by allowing the pet to occupy the wide center section of the boat. The gear should lie on the other side of the pet, to avoid it from walking back and forth and rocking the boat.


Final words:

Almost all outdoor activities are fun with a canine friend. Dogs do love adventure, they don’t complain and seek the owner’s attention at all times. We hope the above tips and tricks will help you enjoy a safe and memorable kayak trip with your canine friend.

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