Tips for First Time Skiers


Skiing is a fun-filled yet dangerous sport. Skiing is not a sport for everyone and there are a number of people who would not enjoy it. Most people refrain from practicing the sport after their first attempt, as they were probably brought to the hill by a friend who has not given them any basic information or training that is required. Here we have compiled the list of best tips for first-time skiers and novice skiers.


Basic things to go for beginners before hitting the skiing spot:

  • Do some basic research before doing the sport
  • Reach the spot early
  • Don’t push yourself too much
  • Dress in layers to stay warm on the hills
  • It is good to rent the equipment
  • Choosing the terrain

Do some basic research before doing the sport

There are a number of points of etiquette and rules to bear in mind, most of them dealing with proper manners and common sense. It is also important to have suitable equipment and clothing for skiing. It is also beneficial to take a proper skiing lesson before kicking to start the sport.

Reach the spot early:

For those who are joining with the family and friends, who are experienced skiers, the skier should do themselves a favor and arrive early to the spot. This will give them an opportunity to sort the equipment, get comfortable and also have a few lessons before practicing the sport. It is good to be in the mountains with close family members and friends as it helps in staying safe on the slopes.

Don’t push yourself too much:

Most of the skiers have the tendency to push themselves too fast and too hard. Though there is a need to be cautious, there is absolutely no need to overextend oneself. This can also lower one’s self-confidence and slow down one’s overall progress. This can also end up in some serious injury. Going too quickly also prevents the skier from concentrating on the proper technique of skiing. It is good to take the lessons slow and easy for the first few days to learn the skills comfortably.

Dress in layers to stay warm on the hills:

It is commonly said that there is no bad weather, it is just bad clothes. If one wears the right clothing, it is possible to stay safe and comfortable in any weather. As one plan for the first ski experience, it is important to pack the right clothing. Following the three-layer dressing, the strategy is the best. The skier has to start dressing with a base layer to keep them dry from sweat from the body. The mid-layer should regulate the body temperature and keep one warm and should be of fleece material preferably.

The outer layer should be of a waterproof or windproof jacket that helps to break the wind and keep the moisture off the second layer of clothing. This outer layer should also be breathable to avoid moisture. Gore-Tex is the best breathable and waterproof clothing technology that performs pretty well.

It is good to rent the equipment:

For those who start a new sport, it is always tempting to buy the latest and the shiny new equipment. But it is good to resist this. It is always beneficial to rent the equipment for the first ski holiday as there are chances of buying poorly sized and inappropriate equipment. There are three benefits of renting ski equipment.

First, it gives the chance to try skiing before committing to buy a lot of money. Second is that one can be happy even if they are not happy with certain equipment. Most of all, the majority of rental shops have new equipment for each season. So you will not get stuck with obsolete and outdated skis. Also, as one improves, it is possible to rent good and higher performing boots and skis.

Choosing the terrain:

It is also important to choose a ski resort within a good beginner’s area. Ski shops will also help skiers in choosing the best terrain for the sport. Beginners should choose wide, not very steep slopes and more than one bunny hill so that they can work their way up gradually.


Tips With Ski Clothing and Gear:

  • Boots
  • Socks
  • Clothing
  • Friends
  • Falling and getting up


One of the biggest complaints of novice skiers is cold feet or sort feet or compromised circulation. This is because they have been wearing ill-fitting boots. Thus, it is important to wear boots that fit and they should not make the user wiggle their toes. If you can’t wiggle the toes, then it is obvious that the feet will be cold. Also, boots should not allow the user to turn their foot from side to side within the boot. If the user is not able to turn their foot inside the boot, then they won’t get a chance to control their skis.

To get all these parameters correct, it is important to have one’s own boots and a custom fit in it. Skiers should try several pairs of boots for the first time as not every boot marked the same size is actually of the same size. Though this additional effort is annoying, it is definitely worth it. It is good to rent the equipment from the ski shop a day in advance of the first ski experience, so that there is no need to rush at the last moment. Also, a rental shop has a wide variety of boots to try along with the best advice about boot fit.


Actually, proper fitting ski boots are warm and are completely warm and thus there is no need for any thick socks. A normal pair of socks inside the boot is fine, as too bulky socks cuts down circulation and the feet will start to feel cold again. It is also try different thickness of socks and choose the best fitting one.


It is good not to wear jeans or sweatpants. It is common to fall down in the snow and even if it is cold enough to be dry snow, some will stick on to the dress and melt. If you get wet and there is no chance to stay warm. Wearing shells is also beneficial, but ski pants are best recommended for beginners, as they have enough padding for the cold.

Similarly, the jacket should also be of waterproof material, a zippered jacket is better than a pullover. It is important for the gloves to be waterproof as well. For those who wear lightweight gloves liner is a must. Tight gloves will damper circulation and the hands will also get cold.


Going for skiing as a group with friends is the best decision that one has to make for their skiing experience. It is important to find someone with inexhaustible patience and also a person with similar fitness and athletic ability.

Falling and getting up:

Falling is common in skiing and if one happens to gain control over the fall, try falling uphill. Try to land on the butt and try to make them fall like a foot first slide in baseball game. The hardest part of falling is getting up. The steeper the hill is; easier it is to get up. Boots will keep the person from flexing the ankles so that they cannot get the legs under the person very well.


Final Words:

It is important to learn how to star ski, turning and stopping with the help of a credible skiing lesson and under the guidance of the coach. How fast one improves in the sport depends on one’s fitness and natural ability. For most skiers, the first two days will be rough and after then it becomes easy and in no time one can become an expert in the sport.


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