The 5 Best Camping & Hiking Knives of 2024


A reliable camping knife is an important accessory for all hiking and camping activities. It is indeed one of the most important pieces of equipment that one needs to bring on their trip. A camping knife will come handy for a number of things such as preparing food, for carving, for making firewood, etc. It is important for the camping knife to be strong and durable so that it becomes capable of handling different tasks.

A number of materials are put into making these knives. Choosing the best camping knife depends on its intended use. Some blades are indeed easier to use than others. We have made the work simpler and have come up with some of the best knives for camping and hiking. Also, we hope our buying guide helps you in picking up the best knife for outdoor endeavors.


Best Camping & Hiking Knives

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Camping & Hiking Knives – [2024]

  1. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife
  2. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife
  3. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool Pocket Knife
  4. Opinel No8 Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife
  5. Benchmade – Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife

Best Camping & Hiking Knives Reviews

#1. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife


Features At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1.8 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Top Edge performance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Performance grip
  • Includes sheath
  • High-quality Swedish steel
  • High friction grip
  • Color matching plastic sheath with belt clip
This is a highly versatile fixed blade outdoor knife featuring a 4.1-inch hard Sandvik stainless steel blade. The knife is ideal for preparing food, for carving and for cutting tinder. The knife features high-quality Swedish steel which is razor-sharp and is exceptionally tough.

Its stainless steel blade stays sharp and longer than carbon steel, the knife is also less prone to rust. It’s patterned and high friction grip sits comfortably in the hand and helps with greater control, safety and performance. This is true, especially in wet and cold conditions.

The length of the blade is about 4.1 inches and the thickness of the blade is 0.1 inches or 2.5mm. Its overall length is about 8.6 inches and the weight of the knife is about 4.1 grams. The knife includes a color matching plastic sheath with a belt clip. The product also features a limited lifetime warranty and is from Sweden.

#2. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife


Features At a Glance:
  • Product dimensions: 13 x 5.5 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 15.7 ounces
  • ½ serrated high carbon stainless steel drop point blade
  • Full tang blade construction for best durability
  • Ergonomic textured rubber grip
  • Stainless steel pommel at base of the handle
  • Emergency whistle into lanyard cord
  • The sheath has a fire starter
  • Lightweight and military-grade nylon sheath
The hiking knives are sharp, durable and are best for tough survival tasks. The knife is built to offer the best versatility for backpackers, adventurers, and hunters which is of utmost importance in the wilderness. This knife features a versatile 4.75-inch drop point blade.

The blade also features half serration to make quick work of cutting rope and other fiber materials. The blade is from hard stainless steel and allows for excellent edge retention. Its innovative and ergonomic design also delivers utmost versatility.

It is a half serrated high carbon stainless steel drop point blade knife that is ideal for blade edge retention and for cutting ropes. Its ergonomic rubber textured grip helps with maximum comfort with minimal slippage. It features a stainless steel pommel at the base of the handle and is ideal for hammering.

Ferrocerium rod locks into the sheath and behaves like a fire starter. There is a striker notch at the back of the knife blade. The nylon sheath of the blade is military-grade, lightweight and mildew resistant.

#3. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool Pocket Knife


Features At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 3.58x 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 6.56 ounce
  • Stainless steel material
  • Has more than 33 functions
  • 45” blade with screwdriver
  • Swiss made stainless steel
  • Sleek durability
  • Compact carry
  • Trusted quality
The Swiss champ outdoor knife comes handy for all situations. It features 33 tools and has stainless steel construction and Swiss origin precision. The knife comes essentially handy for anyone anywhere.

This knife has more than 33 functions. It features a large blade, small blade, can opener, corkscrew, bottle opener with large screwdriver and wire stripper. It also features a fine screwdriver, magnifying lens, screwdriver, straight pin, sewing eye etc.

The steel of the knife is tampered, polished and annealed to achieve the necessary hardness and provide optimum resistance to corrosion. In order to re-sharpen the knife the user has to make use of a whetstone at an angle of 15-20 inches. If the blades of the knife begin to stick together, open and close the blades in warm water several times.

This also allow the tool to move easily well again. The product is from Switzerland and also offers a lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship and material.

#4. Opinel No8 Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife


Features At a Glance:
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.8 x 0.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 ounce
  • Blade is of carbon steel material
  • Features virobloc safety ring
  • Must have outdoorsmen tool
  • Features stainless steel Virobloc safety ring
  • one fixed section and another sliding for secure locking
  • carbon steel is extremely hard
  • exchange available against manufacturing defects
This is a classic folding knife that is simple, beautiful, sharp and durable. This knife is an international bestseller that gets into the pocket for all outdoor endeavors. The knife has the design to stand the test of time and the knives are sure to last for years.

This essential tool remains unchanged since 1890 and is a must-have for all outdoorsmen and handymen alike. The stainless Virobloc safety ring has two sections, one fixed and one is of sliding design for secure locking.

The carbon steel is extremely hard and thereby guarantees excellent cutting quality irrespective of the object. Its handle us of hard and durable Beechwood directly from France. The products from Opinel are guaranteed for normal use and is exchanged when consumers complain of manufacturing defects.

#5. Benchmade – Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife


Features At a Glance:
  • Product dimensions: 11 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 7.7 ounces
  • Built for the trail
  • Features CPM 530V steel
  • Ultra-durable G10 handle
  • Elegant and fixed blade construction
  • Modern bushcraft knife
This is an excellent hiking knife that is ideal for the trail. It is robust and features the best design that meets unmatched design, irrespective of the application. This is indeed an excellent survival tool that is tough and versatile.

The blade is of American CPM-530V steel. It is ideal for edge retention and corrosion resistance. Its precise drop point construction helps with agile strength and versatility. The ultra-durable handle features a resin soaked fiberglass body that is impervious to moisture and stable across changing climates.

Its fixed blade construction offers the best stability when in use. Leather sheath with a belt loop and D ring for easy and instant access. This modern bushcraft knife performs the toughest jobs where extreme and supreme versatility is mandatory. This is a much to have survival kit ideal for hiking and backpacking trips.

Buyer’s Guide


How to choose the best knives for camping and Hiking?

Some of the camping knives have a number of complicating lingo at modern times, in the rush to make and sell camping knives. Some complicated lingo that has been put to use are, freeze tempered, ultra-high carbon etc. Let us try and get these lingos simple and discuss the best ways to choose the most optimal knife for camping and hiking endeavors.

  • Material of the knife
  • Design of the knife blade
  • Knife handle
  • Length
  • Weight of the knife
  • Design
  • Sheath

Material of The Knife:

The material of the knife is one of the best things that will seek the attention of the new knife enthusiasts. The type of steel that the knife is made from interest buyers to a great extent. When the term high carbon is put forth and is taken as a positive indicator. Knives with high carbon steel is known as good knife steel. Almost everything from stainless steel to cast iron technically comes under high carbon steel.

The best advice for new knife hobbyists is not to hung up on the steel knife type. A majority of knife blades will hold up just fine, as long as one uses the knife responsibly and for appropriate tasks.


Design of The Knife Blade:

Some people pay close attention to the design of the blade as a fundamental factor while buying a knife. This is indeed a huge mistake, the size, shape, taper, bevel and the overall design of the blade impacts the overall performance and characteristics of the blade massively.

The most classic camping knife features a thick and a beefy blade that tapers very little along the length of the knife blade. Even a knife with a full bevel, where the knife is ground from the blade to the spine in a single continuous slant is appropriate.

The full bevel knife comes as the best overall design knife for splitting wood. Also, analyze if the knife features a full tang or a partial tang. A full tang blade will have the blade running the whole way through the full length of the handle.

This helps with better stability and strength with a minimal chance of knife breaking. Partial tang is a design where the blade attaches with the top of the handle, such knives are easy to break under pressure.


Knife Handle:

After choosing the blade style, think of how well the knife sits on the hand. The handle of the knife needs to be comfortable and ergonomic, so that it comes to use for extended time period without forming blisters on the palms.

It is also important to have a knife handle with firm and solid grip, so that the knife doesn’t slip out of the hand. This will also help in better control and gets the work done efficiently.


The knife needs to be effective, and thus for camping knives, the optimal length of the blade will range between 3 and 5 inches. This allows for the best balance between the maneuverability and strength of the knife.

A shorter blade will not be able to perform certain tough tasks, and the blade that is too long seems impractical to handle and will not be able to perform precision work. Some of the best camping knives have blades that are at least four inches long.

Weight of The Knife:

Though this is not an important parameter to choose a camping knife, it is also something important to discuss. A heavy knife with a thick blade offers more strength while cutting wood for fire. For example, it will save energy and help the job to get done quickly. On the other hand, a lightweight pocket knife can fit anywhere and the user will not even know, where it is until one needs it.



The design of the knife handle can make the knife feel much better. Ergonomics is important, the knife should have the best shape to fit the hand and it should also have a good finger relief.

A crossguard handle is a useful feature so that the hands doesn’t accidentally slip on the blade. Some knives also feature a hollow handle to hold some survival necessities. Other can have a steel pommel at the handle base and come to use for hammering.


A good sheath is important for all fixed blade knives so that users can safely carry them. The sheath material needs to be tough so that the blade cannot penetrate outside. It also helps to lock the knife securely in place, so that it doesn’t fall out. Some knives also have snap buttons, but others also feature Velcro straps and other solutions.


Best FAQ’s for Camping Knives

Q: What Is a Camping Knife?

A camping knife is a multipurpose design with a special design so as to use it optimally outdoors. The camping knife features a heavy-duty blade that is essentially shorter than five inches. The knife can either be of the folding type or feature a fixed blade. There are ample uses of a camping knife such as

  • Preparing food
  • Cutting a rope or cord
  • Preparing kindle wood
  • Carving tent stakes
  • Chopping firewood
  • Cutting plants etc.
Q: When Should I Carry More Than One Camping Knife?

For those who are going on car camping to a campsite when other people will be around, then the camper will probably be fine with having just one blade knife with them. For those who have no issues with weight and space, then it is fine to bring two knives.

This can be useful for those venturing into the wild with little or no help. In such a situation, a long blade survival knife will have all the strength to cut the plants, to chop wood and to make a shelter. A good idea is also to bring a survival radio as well. A small backpacking knife is the best fit for precision work.


Q: What is the difference between a regular and camping knife?

A regular knife does not come with different features that are generally present in knives for camping. The camping knives feature a special blade and handle design that indeed makes outdoor tasks easier than with a regular knife. As these knives are put to test frequently, it is important for them to be really strong.


How to care for the camping knife?

A camping knife is a precision tool that helps in not just cutting the bacon and also, comes handy on a number of occasions. It deserves to be treated with the same respect that one would show on their hiking shoes and a tent. The following are the ways to are for the tent efficiently.

  1. Do not put away the knife until it is clean and dry: The camping knife is similar to a workhorse and thus it can actually get wet and dirty. Though this can be completely unavoidable, it is not a good idea to put the knife away, when it is in such a sorry state. It is important to make sure that one sheaths their camping knife and put it off when it is only clean and dry.
  2. Make sure to hone the blade regularly and frequently: Honing the knife on a regular basis ensures that the blade is always sharp and crisp and is ready for the next move. Honing the blade of the knife is similar to changing the oil in the car while sharpening the blade, is like bringing the car in for a tune up. It is mandatory to hone the knife after each use.
  3. Do not abuse the knife: A camping knife is for handling tasks around the campsite such as cutting ropes, whittling stakes and even cleaning food. Unless it features a pommel at the base, it should not come to use as a hammer. Also, it is not a good idea to use the knife as a screwdriver or an ice pack.
  4. Lubricate the knife frequently: It is important to maintain the folding knives with utmost lubrication. Most users will prefer oil-based lubricant that should be applied to its moving parts. It is important not to overdo the lubricant and ensure to wipe out any excess oil.


Final Words:

Camping knives are important woodland gear that becomes mandatory during camping and hiking endeavors. It is important that people keep handy a high-quality camping knife with them in all their outdoor trips. We hope our knife recommendation and buying tips help you in choosing the best camping knife for your hiking endeavors.


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