Important Safety Tips and Tricks for Hiking


If you are reading this article then you must have been thinking about hiking. And why not? It is rejuvenating, refreshing and puts you close to nature for a few days. But getting your necessities up there close to you is the one thing which will assure the best experience. You don’t want that “oh-no moment” when you remember that you have forgotten to keep a particular thing.  So if it is the time to get away from all the chaos and disappear into the woods for a rejuvenating hike then you have got to plan everything.

If not planned and packed properly, even a short day hike would turn out to be dangerous and boring. So, before you get your bags packed for that weekly hike, remember to do these things so you don’t miss out anything.

Important Safety Tips and Tricks for Hiking

  1. Make a TO-DO List
  2. Bring a Map
  3. Hike during the Day
  4. Check the Forecast
  5. Tell Someone Before You Go
  6. Stay Together
  7. Other Important things to Check
  8. Final Words

  1. Make a TO-DO List

Before starting your packing, it is extremely important to make a list of things to do before going hiking. What all you have to pack, what all you have to do, what all you have to wear, what all you have to take care of. No matter if you are going for a day, a week or for 15days, always make a gear list before starting out to have everything you might need on the trails.

  1. Bring a Map

Carrying a map at the hiking place is probably one of the most important hiking safety tips that no one should avoid. Like the technology geek, do not rely on the GPS technology all the time. Because your mobile phone works on a battery system you might run out of it. And once your phone is switched off you won’t be able to access GPS and will be stuck at nowhere.

  1. Hike during the Day

If possible, plan your hike during the day. It is not only safer but you will be able to see your way Apart from that, your hiking place can be home to many wild animals. So it is always safe to hike in the daytime.

  1. Check the Forecast

Before going for a hike, it is important to check the recent forecast of the weather. It will tell you the situation up there. If it is not good, we advise you to postpone the hike till the situation gets better. Not only it will be safer but according to the information you will be able to pack the gear that you might be looking for like a rain jacket, sunscreen, extra water or warmer clothing.

  1. Tell Someone Before You Go

We cannot stress enough on this fact. It is absolute and extremely important to tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to be home. It will make sure that if that person doesn’t hear from you by a certain time, he/she has the information about the locations to take necessary action.

  1. Stay Together

Don’t forget to stick together. If you are hiking with a large group then it is extremely common to get separated based on the hiker’s speed. This is not safe and good. This is why keep someone at the front who is a moderate hiker so everyone else can stay together.

Other Important things to Check

  • Learn common First Aid and carry a first aid kit. Try to get the information on what to do in case of an emergency. If possible, get a First aid training which will teach you how to deal with injuries.
  • Know the nearby medical care center. Ask local people to get the information about the nearest hospital or clinic prior. This will tell you the place where you have to go in case of any accidents.
  • No matter what season you are hiking, Do not forget to take your Sunglasses. Wear them during any season especially at the higher elevations.
  • Keep a fire source with you. It is a must-have when you are hiking. Always have waterproof matches or some other emergency fire starters.
  • Carry a small flashlight or headlamp to show you the way when it’s dark.

Final Words:


It is no wonder that hiking brings the best adventurous person inside you. But taking care of you and being aware of important things is the only way you are going to carve out the joy out of it. So before starting your hiking journey, check the above list and tick right on the things that you have done. It will let you have all the important things that you have to finish off before going hiking and let you have the best time up there.


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