The 5 Best Hiking Shoes For Women of 2024


Irrespective of the type of hiker you are, be it the seasonal or professional hiker, it is important to feel safe and comfortable in both the long and the short treks. Finding the best trekking shoe for women can be tough but we have tried to make the entire process pretty simple with our collection of the best hiking shoes and the buying guide for the hiking shoes. There are different kinds of hiking shoes out there and it can be pretty tough to navigate the type of shoe that is best for the person.

Our collection has covered almost everything from wet, swampy hikes to dry treks, check out our guide for the latest information on the best hiking shoes for women.


Best Hiking Shoes For Women

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Hiking Shoes For Women – [2024]

  1. Merrell Women’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe
  2. KEEN Women’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe
  3. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot
  4. Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot
  5. adidas Outdoor Women’s AX2R Hiking Shoe

Best Hiking Shoes For Women Reviews

#1. Merrell Women’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe


Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe At a Glance:
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 8 x 4 inches
  • Material: 100% leather and fabric
  • Vibram sole
  • Low hiking shoe that features breathable mesh panels
  • Plush cushioning at the collar and tongue
  • Ortholite footbed
This is one of the best hiking shoes for women and is of leather and fabric material. It is of imported material and features Vibram sole. This is a low hiking shoe that features breathable mesh panels and plush cushioning at both the tongue and collar.

The shoe also features an ortholite footbed. These shoes are perfect and help in improving the balance of the users. The shoes also render excellent support and are recommended for all.

The shoes are extremely supportive and are lightweight as well. They are extremely comfortable and supportive and render great traction and ventilation. The model was not waterproof and their sturdy sole makes them an excellent accessory even on tough terrains. The cushioning in the pair of shoes helps in rendering excellent comfort for the users.

Best Hiking Shoes for Men : Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

#2. KEEN Women’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe


Merrell Men's Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe At a Glance:
  • 100% waterproof nubuck leather shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures 3” from the arch
  • Cleansport NX helps with natural odor control
  • 4mm multi-directional lugs
  • Cleaning the shoe is with leather cleaner and conditioner
  • Torsion stability ESS shank
  • Waterproof nubuck leather uppers
  • Contoured heel lock
  • Hydrophobic mesh lining
This product is available in both shoe and boot styles. This is an ideal hiking partner that offers the much-deserved comfort and support of the athletic shoes. It also holds a lot of resilience and protective features of a rough and tough hiking boot.

Its design helps in keeping the feet dry and steady, thanks to its waterproof nubuck uppers, multi-directional lugs, and keen dry waterproof membrane. The boots offer exceptional support mile after mile and it combines an excellent heel structure with dual-density compression-molded EVA midsole and EVA footbed.

The boots render a sleek and sporty style and a lace up front for a most exceptional custom fit. This is a low profile shoe that stands up to any of the trail conditions and looks doing it. It features a durable and waterproof nubuck upper with stitching accents and pops of bright color at the laces and around the heel.


Best Hiking Shoes for Men : KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe

#3. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot


KEEN Men's Targhee II Hiking Shoe At a Glance:
  • Material: Leather, rubber, and nylon
  • Shaft measures 5.25” from arch
  • Waterproof hiking boot
  • Lightweight and durable midsole
  • Superior cushioning and advanced traction rubber sole
  • Waterproof full-grain leather
  • Mesh bootie construction
  • Durable mesh tongue for breathability
  • Contrast color combinations
  • Soft mesh exteriors
This hiking shoe for women is of leather, nylon and rubber material and its shaft measures approximately 5.25” from the arch. This waterproof hiking boot features a lightweight and durable midsole for long-lasting comfort, superior cushioning and high energy return.

It also offers advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement on the rough ground. The boots are extremely comfortable and worry-free with its full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction. It also features a durable mesh tongue for breathability.

This boot features a lace-up closure for an adjustable and secure fit. The women’s hiking boot delivers exception style and durability with its contrast color combination and soft mesh exterior. The midsole of the boot is of tech lite EVA.

The multi-terrain traction system of the boot matches to specific environments with its formulated treads and formulated compounds. Its dual-zone winter tread pattern ensures solid footing on surfaces such as snow and ice.

Best Hiking Shoes for Men : Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

#4. Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot


Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot At a Glance:
  • Material: 100% mesh, leather, and suede
  • Made in the USA
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures 5.75” from arch
  • Heel measure 1”
  • Waterproof hiking boot
  • Secure lace-up vamp and cushy padding collar
  • Mid-cut design for ankle support and stability
  • Padded and gusseted tongue
  • TPU stability heel clip
  • Rubber toe protector
  • Dual-density EVA
The boot features a neutral positioning system that is engineered to encourage the foot’s natural biomechanics. It centers and guides the foot to promote an efficient, balanced and stable stride. The products are designed to keep the user naturally balanced, centered and comfortable for miles on end. The boot is of a hundred percent mesh, suede and leather material, and its sole is of rubber.

Its shaft measures approximately 5.75 inches from the arch and its heel measures approximately one inch. This waterproof hiking boot features a secure lace-up vamp and cushy padding collar with a pull-on loop.

Its Numentum technology helps with an efficient, stable stride, mid-cut design for both stability and ankle support. The boot features a padded and a gusseted tongue, TPU stability heel clop, and rubber toe protector.

Best Hiking Shoes for Men : Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Boot

#5. adidas Outdoor Women’s AX2R Hiking Shoe


Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Boot At a Glance:
  • dimensions: 11 x 4 x 7 inches
  • material: 100% textile and synthetic material
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures low top from arch
  • Gore-Tex extended comfort footwear
  • Lightweight EVA midsole for long term cushioning
  • Adiprene inserts for shock absorption and comfort
  • Super high traction rubber for optimal grip in wet conditions
  • Traction outsole for maximum grip in all directions
This is a fast, lightweight and low cut shoe that is ideal for both hikes and multifunctional purposes. The boots help to keep the feet dry with its breathable Gore-Tex membrane, EVA cushioning, enhanced grip, and adiprene support. Its fit is of women’s specific.  The hiking shoes are of 100% textile and synthetic material and are imported with a rubber sole.

The shaft of the shoe measures approximately low top from the arch and the lining of the shoe is of Gore-Tex extended comfort footwear. Its lightweight EVA midsole helps with long term cushioning in the boot.

The Adiprene inserts help with optimal comfort and shock absorption properties. Its super high traction rubber helps with optimal grip in wet conditions. Its traction outsole helps with maximum grip in all the directions.

Best Hiking Shoes for Men : adidas outdoor Men’s Ax2 Hiking Shoe

Buyer’s Guide for Women’s Hiking Shoes


 What to consider before investing in hiking shoes for women

  • Grip
  • Versatility
  • Support
  • Breath-ability
  • Fit
  • Waterproofing
  • Structure
  • Toe protection


The grip is one of the most essential factors while choosing to purchase the outdoor adventure shoe. This is also a matter of safety, for those planning to hike something steep, it is important to have a grippy sole. Traversing a steeper terrain is a lot easier and less dangerous as well. While choosing to buy a shoe with a good grip, it is important to check the material that the shoe is made of.

Vibram rubber offers the most excellent grip and it is important to consider the thread as well, which is the design at the bottom of the shoe. Deeper thread designs generally offer better grip than shallow and flat threads.


Hiking shoes are pretty versatile and they are more appropriate for the trails than sneakers. They are not quite as evolved as the hiking boot. However, each pair of these hiking shoes is designed for a slightly different purpose. It is important to ensure what type of terrain one would do hiking it and select the shoe appropriately.


Many of the shoes that we have listed in this guide feature many special technologies. For those who have previously suffered ankle or foot injury, it is important to throw additional emphasis on the support feature. For those who plan to use hiking shoes for flat nature walks, it is important to have ample ankle support.


The majority of the hiking shoes have excellent breathability and are capable of keeping the feet super cool for long treks. Sometimes, breathability means the shoe is not waterproof and it can be of light and mesh material thus allowing the feet to breathe. Breathability feature is of utmost importance for those hiking in hotter climates.


It is important to find the perfect pair of hiking shoes that can find the best fit, which is not too small or too narrow. The fit is also defining the perfect shape of the foot. When trying to use the hiking shoes, it should be possible to splay wiggle your toes without hitting the sides. If the arch of the shoes is supported firmly without slipping within the shoe on up or downhill climbs. Ensure if the heel is kept securely in place, so as to have a good fit with the hiking shoes. It is important to read the manufacturer’s specs to understand if the style of their shoe runs small, large, narrow or wide.


Some things that can ruin a fun day in the outdoors is the soggy feet. Even for those who hike primarily in the desert, there are still changes to run into monsoon-like rains and in flash flooding. Thus, hiking shows with durable waterproofing is crucial for every single adventure.

Hiking shoes with Gore-Tex is of breathable and waterproof material and helps tremendously inventing the internal sweat out and keeps moisture from getting in as well. It is also a good option to choose shoes that are labeled with PU or polyurethane coating. A shoe with both of these capabilities is the best in preventing moisture from wicking in.


The ideal structure of the hiking shoe includes a midsole, insole, and an outsole. The insole is a removable layer that offers additional cushion and impact resistance. They range in different thickness and are made of a wide range of materials, thus choosing the right insole in a matter of personal preference and necessity.

The outsole of the shoe is the material at the bottom of the shoe and helps in giving it the necessary traction. Make sure of the lug pattern on the outsole is well spaced and the materials of the hiking shoes are the highest quality such as Vibram.

The midsole is the ultimate and main structural component of the shoe that separates the insole from the outsole. This is where the people are going to maximize or reduce the cushion, softness, and bounce. These are generally of EVA or PU material. Midsoles are generally soft, but they tend to pack down offering them a short lifespan.

Toe Protection:

There are a number of obstacles that will be thrown on the way except for those who are hiking on the train. These obstacles could be roots, branches, twigs, and rocks which are all waiting to stub the toe and the trip up the stride. Some of the best hiking shoes that we have listed here render optimal toe protection, giving the front of the shoes a safe barrier from these hazards.


Different Types of Hiking Shoes for Women:

There are different types of hiking shoes available for women. Sometimes it could be hard to keep the variety of hiking shoes straight. Some common types of hiking shoes are as follows,

  • Mid hiking shoes
  • Low
  • Train runners
  • Approach shoes

Mid Hiking Shoes:

The majority of the hiking shoes are often labeled as mid after the brand name. This refers to the height of the ankle support. A mid hiking shoe is what comes in contact with the middle of the ankle.



Just like mid, the low hiking shoes refers to those shoes that sit low on the ankle. They have a similar cut to the average hiking shoe and are generally popular as they are lightest in the weight.

Train Runners:

Trail runners are becoming famous for fast-paced hikers and minimalists. This is because train runners cut down the weight and even further do not compromise on the supportive traction of the midsole and outsole of a hiking shoe or a boot. But these shoes are flexible, which makes them less suitable for rocky terrain.

Approach Shoes:

Approach shoes are a hybrid between a hiking boot or a climbing shoe. Their tacky outsole offers them phenomenal traction on loose gravel, and on all types of the rocky surface. The majority of the approach shoes lack the same insole as a standard hiking shoe, which means these are less suited for long-distance backpacking.


Hiking Shoes for women FAQs:

How to train to be a hiker?

One of the best ways to train for hiking is to maintain one’s cardiovascular endurance. You can do that by jogging, walking, running or hiking and a lot more. There are a number of strength training and plyometric exercises, that one can do to help the muscles to adjust to the motions of hiking. Hiking focuses predominantly on the core, balance and strength of the lower body muscles.


What is the best way to tie the hiking boots?

A majority of the women have issues with swollen feet more often than men. There are a number of ways to tie the shoes and the boots that help relieve pressure on different points of the feet so as to reduce swelling.


How to find the best hiking boots?

Choosing the right hiking boots is one of the best matchmaking processes. It is important for the hiking boots to sync with how and where they hike. Before tying the knot, ensure that the shoes also have a perfect fit. They are an array of choices, from ultralight trail shoes to mountaineering boots.


Important components of Hiking Boots:

The materials of the boots impact the boot’s weight, durability, breathability and water resistance. Some important components of the hiking boots are as follows,

  • Hiking boot uppers
  • Hiking boot internal support
  • Hiking boot out-soles

Hiking Boot Uppers:

The hiking boot uppers are of full grain leather, nubuck leather, split-grain leather, synthetics, waterproof membranes, and of course insulation.

Hiking Boot Internal Support:

The internal support of the hiking boots is of shanks and plates. The shanks are 3-5mm thick and are sandwiched between the midsole and outsole of the boot to add stiffness. The plates are thin and semi-flexible inserts that are positioned between the midsole and the outsole.

Hiking Boot Out-soles:

Rubber is used in all the hiking boot outsoles. Addictive such as carbon are sometimes added to mountaineering and backpacking boots to boost the hardness. Hard outsoles enhance the durability of the boot but can feel slick if one can go out of the trail.


 Final Words:

It takes a lot of time and research to find the best hiking shoes based on the hiking circumstances. It is important for women to choose the best hiking shoe and we hope we have done justice to help you in the search of best-hiking boots for your outdoor endeavors.


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