The 5 Best Modular Kayaks of 2023

Modular Kayaks has seen a rise in the demand among water lovers. Over the year, the majority of people have developed an interest in them. As a result, you will see several companies offering Modular Kayaks with different colors, designs, features, and specifications.

For all the water activities, Modular Kayaks will be a win-win solution. But at the time of selection, there are plenty of things that one should keep in mind like types, length, designs. Based on the popular one, we have collected the information on all the important details for you.

We are going to help you by giving you a guide which will boost the confidence in you to buy a Modular Kayaks. We have lined up few best Modular Kayaks along with specification and safety tips. Let’s dive deeper:


The 5 Best Modular Kayaks – [2023]

  1. Point 65 Martini Kayak
  2. Apollo, performance sit-on-top modular kayak
  3. Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Solo Modular Kayak
  4. Tequila! Gtx Angler Tandem Gre
  5. Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak

Best Modular Kayaks

Best Modular Kayaks Reviews

#1. Point 65 Martini Kayak

Features of the Point 65 Martini Kayak :

  • High-performance kayak
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Comfortable padded
  • Ergonomically designed seat and backrest
  • Dimensions: 57 x 28.5 x 15.8 inches; 24.1 pounds

The Martini Modular kayak is everything that you have been looking for till now. It is all decked up to take you touring with a roomy and comfortable cockpit. It will help you explore and then will take you back home in the trunk of your car.

It is a sit-on-top Kayak which comes with an innovative feature and Snap-Tap solution. It is extremely easy to take for an outing and to transport. You will not need any roof racks or you won’t have to struggle to unload the kayak from the car roof.

This kayak is extremely lightweight and can easily fit into the back of the car with two rows of seats folded. Made with new techniques and durable material it is ideal to stand by any problems and hurdles under the water. You can easily take it with you when you are traveling outside.

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#2. Apollo, performance sit-on-top modular kayak

Apollo performance sit-on-top modular kayak

Features of the Apollo, performance sit-on-top modular kayak:

  • Easy accessible and comfortable
  • Lightweight to fit in the car
  • Storage features
  • Greater Performance kayak
  • Length: Each section 55 Inch long

The kayak is extremely feasible and affordable if you are searching for one. The mid-Section of the modular kayak is only to extend into a tandem or into a triple. It is a fun, versatile and rigid sit-on-top kayak that is amazing and easy to carry, store and haul.

Apollo-performance sit-on-top modular kayak 76

It is one of the most manageable modular kayaks available. Each section for this is 55 inches long that can easily fit in any small area. You can keep adding mid-sections and create the huge kayak perfect for team and for as many paddlers as you want.

It is made with durable HTP (High-Performance Thermoplastic) which makes it easy handle in and out of the water. It has Point 65’s innovative Snap-Tap system which can get snapped apart and reassembled in seconds. It is one of the most comfortable, stable, strong Kayaks .

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#3. Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Solo Modular Kayak

Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Solo Modular Kayak

Features of the Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Solo Modular Kayak:

  • The keel for better tracking
  • Comfortable air seat
  • Length: 295 cm / 9 ft 8 in
  • Made with Durable material
  • Lightweight and Easy to assemble

The Tequila Modular Kayak offers a new level of innovation for recreational kayak. It is created with the best design which is a fun, versatile and high-performance kayak. It is extremely easy to carry, store, and haul.

It has all the revolutionary solo or tandem combination to give you the solution you were looking for. It comes with Keel for better tracking and Comfortable air seat. This kayak is a must for all the water babies. It is easy to set and is extremely easy to carry around.

It can easily get assembled with a little effort and can easily get apart with absolutely no effort. The material it is made with is of good quality and this is how it is going to give you the desired durability.

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#4. Tequila! Gtx Angler Tandem Gre

Tequila! Gtx Angler Tandem Gre

Features of the Tequila! Gtx Angler Tandem Gre:

  • Comfortable AIR seat
  • Total Length: 416 cm / 13 ft 8 in
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Snap-Tap System

It is a modular fishing kayak that you can use with a smile on your face. It is extremely lightweight which can easily get stored at the back of any car. With the patented Snap-Tap system it gets snapped apart to manage the sections and can get easily reassembled in seconds to use. This Modular Kayak is a safe, stable, and strong fishing kayak.

This 10-foot boat has the weight capacity of a 300-pound. Because of the tracking keel, the paddles of this kayak are straight as an arrow. It is equipped with two integrated rod holders and a comfortable AIR seat.

It has the length of 416 cm in which Front Section is of 166 cm / 65 in and Midsection: is of 163 cm / 64 in and Back Section is of 169 cm / 67 in. On this kayak, everyone can have multiple poles if they wanted. It is so nice to have an easily accessible and affordable modular kayak for use.

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#5. Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak

AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak

Features of the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak:

  • Built-in aluminum ribs
  • Made with 3 layers of material
  • Lightweight and Easy to assemble
  • The adjustable padded seat provides
  • Length 10’5″

The Advanced Frame of this kayak is an inflatable kayak. It is built with aluminum ribs in the bow and stern, which is extremely easy for the trackability of hard-shell kayaks. The stern acts in this modular kayak as a skeg and also increases the tracking performance.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak 54

It is made with extremely durable materials in a 3-layer construction and that is known for its durability. It has plenty of onboard storage room for extended trips which can let you keep you stuffs intact with you and will let you enjoy the water activities without any effort.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak

It is extremely lightweight which you can carry around easily and also can get easily assembled and dissembled.
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Things to Check before Buying Modular Kayaks

Modular Kayaks

  • Hull
  • Length
  • Capacity
  • Cockpit
  • Material



With the increase in demand, Modular Kayak’s hull comes in different shape and sizes. Be wise to choose the one which is suitable for you because it will affect the vessel’s performance to a great extent.



Just like any other paddle boards or surfboards, the size of the Modular Kayaks determines the convenience of it. If it is smaller in size you can easily carry it around whereas longer ones are better to cover long distances and for managing more weight. Though Modular Kayaks is lighter in weight, at the time of buying, transportation and storage should be your biggest concerns. Make sure you are getting a Modular Kayaks which suits your purpose and also is easy to manage.



Always check the purpose of buying Modular Kayaks and accordingly buy one which can suit the purpose. There are different Modular Kayaks available to hold the weight. The more voluminous boat will be able to handle more weight. Buying a bigger Modular Kayaks will support larger and taller riders without disturbing the fun and performance. It will also help in cargo and other loading unloading activities.



Size of the cockpit is another important thing to look at the time of purchase. Just like a large cockpit will be great for taller and larger paddlers, the small cockpit will be appropriate for younger riders. Smaller cockpits provide more grips and improve the navigation at the time of paddling. For beginners, it can be dangerous as it is advised to choose the larger. It is easy to access and exit, majorly in the case of an emergency.



Materially affects the quality and durability of the Modular Kayaks. It will show how it is going to react on a special weather condition and how long is it going to stay with you. So choosing the right kind of material according to your purpose is a must. Though you do not get variety in Modular Kayaks, even in small range, you can make a significant purchase which is better than others.


Safety Equipment for Modular Kayaks


Life Vest

First and foremost is having a life jacket is a must. It will do wonders in case of emergency and you will see the effect of it in calm water.



Owning a helmet is the second important thing to take before going into the water. You should not go into the water without any helmet on. It will protect your head from any injuries when you have a fall or you hit something in the water.


Spray Skirt

If you have brought electronic items with you like phone, camera and other things then the first thing that you are concern about safety from the water. For that, have a cockpit spray skirt handy in modular kayaks. It will prevent water from going inside the cockpit of modular kayaks and will keep you dry and cargo clean.


Other things you will need for Modular Kayaks



Without a paddle, one cannot think of kayaking. It is the engine and navigating system on a kayak. Make sure you are buying the high-quality paddles that would last for as long as you need it. People often choose aluminum paddles because of its fit and durability. They are collapsible and very sturdy. Do not settle down for any paddlers and make your research to get the suitable paddles for Modular Kayaks.


Car racks

If you want to take Modular Kayaks along with you when you are vacationing with family, then having car rack is extremely important. Modular Kayaks are little hard to carry around this is why having a car rack will hold the weight of Modular Kayaks at the time of traveling.


Precautions for Modular Kayaks

  • Before going into the water, try to have a little information about the nature of the water and weather. If you are going to paddle in cold water then you should wear a wetsuit or dry suit which will keep you warm. Similarly in warm weather, wear a full sleeves shirt and it will protect you from damages in Modular Kayaks.
  • Do not ignore offshore winds. It will be making the paddling difficult for you and might not be able to return back to shore.
  • Always have a deeper knowledge of the rules and regulation of Modular Kayaks in the area you are going to paddle.
  • Do not have alcohol or any kind of drugs at the time of paddling as it can be extremely dangerous.
  • Always follow the capacity of modular kayaks and do not fill up the extra weight as it will not be able to hold in between. Always check each and everything in Modular Kayaks to make sure everything is perfect.
  • Ask for help from a professional instruction and try to learn each and everything about paddling techniques, water safety, and first aid.



With that, we have come to an end of the article. Modular Kayaks might not be the best one for you but they are known to complete 90% of the demand at times. It is lightweight and suitable for beginners. Without investing much you can get something which can accommodate weight as much as you want and also are easy to carry from one place to another. So before buying, just keep all the above things in mind and you will be able to purchase Modular Kayaks which is best for you. It will not only double up the fun but also ensure safety.

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Happy Kayaking!



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