The 7 Best Walkie Talkies (Two-Way Radios) of 2024


If you’re looking to get a walkie talkie, you might be shocked by just how many diverse features, frequencies, ranges, and names are there to pick from. It might seem difficult finding your perfect radio amongst the numbers of different options that range from stocks that are primarily toys to military or emergency services grade tools trusted in dire circumstances.

Most people buying a walkie talkie need something among the two, something strong, clear sound quality and enduring that will get the work done. Here we are going to give you insights on what you should look for while buying Best Walkie Talkies. Let’s go:

Best Walkie Talkies (Two-Way Radios)

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Walkie Talkies (Two-Way Radios) – [2024]

  1. Motorola MR350R FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio
  2. Midland – GXT1000VP4, GMRS Two-Way Radio
  3. BaoFeng BF-F8HP Dual Band Two-Way Radio
  4. BTECH UV-5X3 5 Watt Tri-Band Radio VHF
  5. Retevis RT21 Two Way Radio Rechargeable
  6. Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios
  7. DeWALT DXFRS300 Heavy Duty Business Walkie-Talkies

Best Walkie Talkies (Two-Way Radios) Reviews

#1. Motorola MR350R FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio

Motorola MR350R Two-Way Radio

Motorola MR350R FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio At a Glance:
  • 35 Mile Range
  • 11 weather channels
  • Tons of privacy codes
  • iVOX hands-free communication
  • Easy to carry
Motorola has been making Best Walkie Talkies for decades and their expertise is well recognized for good reason and why it is the best walkie talkie. These strong two-way radios have tons of features you’d demand and many that might be richness. It has 121 privacy codes assigned to each of the 22 channels which is an important feature.

Motorola MR350R Two-Way Radio It allows a total of 2,662 channels that can be utilized. In even the active areas, there should be plenty of opportunities for a private channel. You may not even have recalled about it, but forward features like hands-free communication could be effective.

The iVOX features enable the radio to keep an accessible mic so that when you speak it automatically transmits the call. It is best for supreme recreational users who need radios that have tons of characteristics.

Walkie Talkie

#2. Midland – GXT1000VP4, GMRS Two-Way Radio

Midland - GXT1000VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio

Midland - GXT1000VP4, GMRS Two-Way Radio At a Glance:
  • 2 watts of power transmit
  • 9 sensitivity levels
  • Bright LCD backlight
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Receive up to 36 miles
Midland Best Walkie Talkies is a 50 Channel Satellite Radio which highlights All-Hazard and Weather warning. The package includes a double desktop charger, rechargeable batteries, 12-Volt car adapter and a set of headsets.  It has 22 GMPS Channels and 28 more ways.

Midland - Two-Way Radio 2

It meets JIS4 Standard when it happens to exposure to water for about half an hour and allows supreme power for handheld radios for the range of up to 36 miles. This is an excellent choice for communicating in extended ranges. You can utilize them for up to 50 kilometers of range if there is no barrier in between.

It shows the capability of the model. Apart from 22 channels, it is packed with 28 more channels. So, you can simply choose the channel you like. It also gives added privacy to the user.

Best Walkie Talkie

#3. BaoFeng BF-F8HP Dual Band Two-Way Radio

BaoFeng Dual Band Two-Way Radio

BaoFeng BF-F8HP Dual Band Two-Way Radio At a Glance:
  • V-85 High Gain Antenna
  • Range: 65-108 MHz
  • VHF: 136-174 MHz
  • UHF: 400-520 MHz
  • Hardened Durable Radio Shell
 The handheld Best Walkie Talkies BaoFeng BF-F8HP is a double band walkie talkie style radio is really the natural evolution of the Baofeng UV-5R series. It will have all the characteristics of the successful UV-5R with more broadcast power.  It will help you from a new generation chipset – along with unique concierge service.

BaoFeng 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way RadioTX force will be not the just best thing of this re-engineered handheld double band radio, in fact, Baofeng BF-F8HP will be performed with a new 2000mAh Battery, an in-depth user direction, concierge assistance, and antenna: High Gain V-85 Antenna. You can buy without worries the new BaoFeng BF-F8HP because the producer will ensure the full adaptability with the Baofeng UV-5R accomplices.

Best Walkie Talkie

#4. BTECH UV-5X3 5 Watt Tri-Band Radio VHF

BTECH UV-5X3 5 Watt Tri-Band Radio

BTECH UV-5X3 5 Watt Tri-Band Radio VHF At a Glance:
  • 1500mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • VHF: 222-225 MHz Ham band
  • 3800mAh battery
  • DTMF audio gain level adjustment
  • Repeater control and IRLP access
Although the cover design of this Walkie Talkies is familiar, the radio within is not.  BTech has lately introduced the new UV-5X3 to the US Ham Radio store.  This radio is a true triband transceiver with internal filters explicitly configured for tri-band service. The firmware in this radio has been revised to include several new features not found in comparable appearing radios.

BTECH UV-5X3 5 Watt Tri-Band Radio 2An interesting feature in this takes full account of the LCD’s dual line display. In history, the dual display enabled you to monitor two separate frequencies at once. You can draft your UV-5X3 exactly how you want it. There are 128 programmable memory sounds. You can add or exclude channels from the scanning list utilizing free computer software.

You can produce channels alphanumeric names, using a computer. The radio has 2 skill levels (5 watts maximum), allowing you to decide how far you can talk. You can insert VFO limits using the CHIRP software. You can simply program from a PC to set-up the radio to work exactly as required.

Best Walkie Talkie

#5. Retevis RT21 Two Way Radio Rechargeable

Retevis RT21 Two Way Radio

Retevis RT21 Two Way Radio Rechargeable At a Glance:
  • Solid shell construction
  • Anti scrambling feature
  • Frequency range: 400 to 480 Mhz
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to carry
The only band, solid shell, and additional accessories the RT21 comes with giving it one of the best walkie talkies you can currently perceive. You’ll like the fact they highlight a scrambler feature which improves safety and encrypts your communication so that no one can hear to what you’re communicating with your friends or maybe workers.

Retevis RT21 Two Way RadioThe RT21 works inside and out, but they are most powerful when utilized for information over a two to three block radius. The RT21 has a recurrence range from 400 to 480 Mh, have a compelling scanning capability, VOX use, busy channel lockout, low battery alarm, but also 16 memory channels among other astonishing features.

Retevis RT21 Two Way RadioSince these are performed from a very solid shell, you can rest guaranteed that they’ll last you for a very high time regardless of how harshly you handle them.

Best Walkie Talkie

#6. Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios 

Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios

Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios At a Glance:
  • 4.3 inches in height
  • UHF 400-470MHz
  • 16 pre-programmed channels
  • 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Water-resistant
Solidly built, waterproof, and light-weight, the Arcshell Walkie-Talkie is made for any event, whether it be hiking outside or sending information through a wide office or commercial area. The walkie-talkie boasts an awesome 5-mile radius, though this is heavily reliant on the terrain, so assume a lower range in congested areas.

Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios

The device works on a UHF range of 400-470MHz and comes with 16 memory channels. It operates a 1,500 mAH Li-ion battery with a 2-watt output, ensuring at least 8 hours of usage on a 2.5-hour charge. The Arcshell stands 4.3 inches tall, and measures just 6.3 ounces, so it goes snugly in your hand or cropped onto a belt.

Each radio comes with a free earpiece, a push-to-talk receiver, and a high-quality speaker. Additionally, the Arcshell includes an urgency alarm, LED flashlight, VOX use, and intelligent charging.

Best Walkie Talkie

#7. DeWALT DXFRS300 Heavy Duty Business Walkie-Talkies

DeWALT DXFRS300 Heavy Duty Business Walkie-Talkies

DeWALT DXFRS300 Heavy Duty Business Walkie-Talkies At a Glance:
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Range Up to 25 miles
  • 22 channels
  • Low battery audible alert
The Dealt 300 and 800 Best Walkie Talkies are formed on the FRS platform and are ideal for on-site business purposes such as hotel front desk, retail, restaurants, and market. The FRS business series are stylish, simple, reliable, high-performance and excellent.

DeWALT DXFRS300 Heavy Duty Business Walkie-Talkies 2It has a keylock which when gets activated, presents keypad security eliminating unexpected channel changes. It comes with a power saver feature. A unique circuit prolongs the life of your batteries. If there are no deliveries within 10 seconds, the unit will automatically switch to battery save the form.

It automatically shuts off weak transmissions or undesired noise due to terrain or range limitations. The LCD display provides easy to view display presents the radio’s status at a look. It provides complete security from dust and withstands water immersion for 30-minutes in 1-meter deep water.

 Best Walkie Talkie

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Walkie Talkies

two way radio

  • Types
  • Distance
  • Batteries
  • Channels
  • VHF or UHF
  • Power

Types of Walkie Talkies

There are many kinds of walkie-talkies on the market now. One of the main problems that buyers face is: What to choose? To choose the right walkie talkie you want to choose how and where you will use it. First, you want to choose between two main kinds of walkie-talkies that are Family Radio Service and General Mobile Radio Service walkie-talkies.



In most situations, walkie talkie companies will specify the specific distance walkies can be equipped to communicate with each other if there are no restrictions, such as homes and landscapes between them. A walkie talkie with a spectrum of 8miles may only have coverage of approximately 3 to 4 miles. Depending on what you want walkie-talkies, consider picking a device with a higher range. Most two-way radios will appear with a range of anyplace between 20 to 50 miles.



Walkie-talkies run on various types of batteries. Lower end gadgets manage to use AA or AAA batteries, but the most popular radios employ a lithium-ion battery, a nickel-metal hydride battery or a Nickel-Cadmium battery.

It is necessary to know the estimated time of practice on the radios you want to buy, so you can count out if you need to carry some extra batteries. The life of the battery is usually considered to be 90 percent standby time, 5 percent response time and 5 percent delivery time.



Walkie talkies have various channels for different reasons. Knowing what these are will assist you to determine what kind of walkie talkie will meet your needs. There are twenty channels in total. The more sounds a radio offers, the raised the prices, thus it’s necessary to know how you will use your radio for before doing your purchase. Owning a radio with more channels makes it easier for you to interact.



Understanding what radio frequency you need is fundamental. There are two kinds of radio frequencies which a huge number of walkie-talkies on the market are able to emit. Those frequencies are VHF and UHF. A VHF-enabled two-way radio can cover larger distances with limited power, as VHF waves are large.

Ideal circumstances to use a VHF radio would be on the obstruction-free area. So if you work in the aeronautics, maritime or outside security sectors, a VHF radio would be excellent. Furthermore, if you intend to use your radio for convenience purposes, places like a golf course or an extensive field are VHF radio relevant.

A UHF-enabled two-way radio is a more economical option as the shorter wavelength can perceive obstacles in indoor conditions, such as thick concrete walls or steel buildings. Glass, though, is an obstacle which UHF radios may have issues entering.



The greater the wattage, the higher the range! But, some professional radios with 5 watts of power only manage a range of 3 miles. This is due to impediments and weather situations. Furthermore, examining what type of batteries a walkie-talkie has may be of benefit to you.

Most recent radios use lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries which are high volume and perfect for day to day use. On the other hand, there are amazing radios use Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries which are recommended due to their high durability and stability to impact.

Also, NiMH batteries tend to charge faster, one of their main scoring points. They are still sensitive to heat which can degrade their charging capacity over time.


Maintenance of Best Walkie Talkies

  • Always inspect and replace the batteries when needed. Changing your batteries will not only secure your walkie-talkies have enough power, but it will also keep your tools from being damaged by old batteries that may drip and corrode terminals within the media.
  • Keep airing areas clear because walkie-talkies will probably have small vents that provide heat and air to exit the internal construction of the device. This holds the electronic components of your device from blistering, so it’s necessary to keep the vents clear of interference such as pocket lint or other ruins.
  • Always securely store your device. Invest in a holster or small carrying bag to help prevent your 2-way radios from being destroyed if they’re dropped or make strong contact with other exteriors. Also, when your radios are not in practice, it’s a good idea to put them in a cabinet or other place that will have them safe from harm.
  • Put your device away from water. Even if you have waterproof walkie-talkies, it’s a great idea to avoid tempting the ends. Be sure to keep your radios collected in a dry place and also avoid disclosing them to water.
  • Dust, wipe down and regularly washes the devices to ensure dust and dust do not infiltrate them. Also, clean down the devices, especially around the buttons, to keep dirt and debris from damaging their function.
  • Study the owner’s manual before use. Your two-way Walkie-Talkies owner’s handbook will offer lots of excellent advice about how to take charge of your devices. Most even add a troubleshooting guide to help you discover the cause of trouble when things are going reverse. It’s clearly worth your time to examine the material.


When purchasing a walkie, you must ensure that you have the above into consideration. This is not shopping you will make every day. Look for guarantees and for insurance cover for your walkie, or if you’re getting it on part of a firm, assure that it is covered under your firm’s security policy. Saving those bucks is great and needs to be a prime concern. So buy a suitable Best Walkie Talkies now.


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